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Etnies Marana: unboxing and operating experience of sneakers from Chris Joslin

I wasn’t an interesting reviewer if I kept riding in Nyjah’s Nike SB Free 2. You need to try cool skate models from other brands, because Nike is not the only one. Therefore, it was decided to buy skateboarding sneakers from one of the very famous and old brands of the skate movement – Etnies. Naturally, the coolest model is that of the best rider on their team at the moment, Chris Joslin. The model received an interesting name – Marana.

First of all, I want to write not about their characteristics, appearance, equipment or anything else. Price, price and price again. In fact, the politics of the old-school skate industry brands is somewhat surprising. They have really big price tags. Although it may be that goods end up on the shelves of our stores at such a high price due to all sorts of delays with the import of foreign stuff. The price tag is 6.5 kilo rubles, which is almost on par with the level of sneakers from Naija. Let me make a reservation right away – the first mix of this material will contain exclusively first impressions of what was seen, worn, smelled, etc. Wear test of these sneakers will continue, so wait for a good update of this material to decide whether to spend your money on these shoes or whether it is better to buy something else.

What immediately catches your eye about these sneakers?

It seems that these are standard skate sneakers, which are made in a modern style: a solid toe, a low silhouette, no puffy elements (although now fashion is strongly moving in this direction). For Marana sneakers (not sneakers, but sneakers – google how they differ) Michelin is attributed to the name of each model. For people who are far from cars, racing and other motorsports, it will be unclear what this means. But if you watched the video at the very beginning, you should understand that Etnies launched a collaboration with one of the famous manufacturers of rubber for transport. They asked for help in developing the sole from those who really know what kind of rubber should be used in certain situations. Thus, the logo of a blown toy from Michelin appeared on the sole of the Marana.

This collaboration is not accidental. After all, the sole of your skate shoe comes into contact with sand the most often, so it should wear out the fastest (but often it doesn’t, but that’s a different story). Also, a good sole provides maximum control over the board when performing tricks. After all, everyone has had this stupid feeling of complete absence of skin, when the tread of the sole has been worn down to meat, but you continue to break in your old shoes. In general, we can only respect “Ethnis” for deciding on such an interesting collab.

Well, if we immediately jump ahead and talk about the test of these sneakers from Joslin himself, then you will see that after 100 flips in the park, the sole of the sneaker is zero, but there are small knocks on the ollie pad. But this is not critical.

You can find the clearest and most detailed description of all the features of these skateboarding shoes on the official Etnies sneakers website. By the way, Ethnis marketers are not fools at all. At the time of the model’s release, they announced a competition for the best review video for the new shoes and promised the winner a year’s supply of Marana sneakers (ha, ha, if one pair will easily last for a year with not much skating). But in the end, on the English-language Internet you can find a lot of video reviews of these sneakers. And most of them are really positive. You can also find some analysis of the opinions of the owners of Etnies Marana on the Internet, within which the TOP 12 points for/against the purchase of these shoes have been compiled. Find the original in English here, and I will digest all these pros and cons for you in my own way.

Pros of Marana Ethnic sneakers

  • Low price of shoes (a very strange argument for me in Russian realities)
  • A large selection of different colors that can be suitable not only for skateboarding, but also for any occasion.
  • Marana sneakers are very comfortable. You can walk in them all day.
  • Good board grip over the entire surface of the shoe. Flip with any part of your foot, and Marana will help you with this.
  • Stylish appearance. There seems to be nothing supernatural or innovative, but they look laconic.
  • Durability (apparently not the most popular positive point). Most respondents said that these shoes last longer than any other skateboarding shoe.
  • Protects from impacts. I think the sole absorbs shock loads well, and the frame of the shoe itself can be seen to be able to withstand the landing of the edge of the board without causing any pain to the foot.

Disadvantages of these same sneakers

  • Non-standard sizing due to the fit of the sneaker. Not every foot will fit comfortably into its standard size – you need to measure.
  • Several people, on the contrary, noted that the shoe does not hold up well against shock loads.
  • Poor foot fixation (well, tighten the laces tighter, okay).
  • Thin tongue (Osiris D3 owners came in the comments).
  • The shoes are initially rigid and require breaking in to be comfortable.

Personal unboxing impressions

If you’re too lazy to read. then watch the video – all the first emotions are there. Of the key points. which are worth noting for these sneakers that I saw when unpacking and wearing them for the first time in a lifestyle rhythm:

  • The sneakers are really very hard after purchase. I immediately chafed the back, even though I bought them in size. But a couple of rollers and they will soften to the limit you need. By the way, such rigidity is good for the sole – it’s safe to jump on heaps;
  • I was glad that they included protection for the laces, i.e. you can lace your sneakers from the inside and won’t have to worry about your laces constantly breaking;
  • The sole is the real highlight of these sneakers. On a smooth, clean surface, it grips like professional indoor sneakers for volleyball or basketball. Holds up on the skin with a bang. Michelin really knows a lot about its product.

Otherwise, it’s hard to tell anything by their appearance, so we’ll test these skateboarding sneakers from Ethnis and after that I’ll share with you my impressions of using them in battle. Wait for the update of the material.

Ice rink experience at Etnies Marana

As promised, I decided to record a separate video about how I felt from riding in these shoes. Overall – I recommend Marans for skateboarding. They are cool both in terms of board control and in terms of survivability (the second will probably be more relevant for many). Of the key flaws that became clear or confirmed after the Katalov’s experience in “Etnis”:

  • Oak sole at the start. Those. after a week of riding, it already became more pliable, but the first times I didn’t feel the board at all;
  • Poorly designed lace protection. There are still not enough rings to properly lace the sneakers.

And that’s it, the cons end (well, if you don’t take the price into account)

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