12 November 2019

Theeve Trucks: overview of individual models

This brand is underestimated simply because of its obscurity. I will try to dispel this misfortune for you.


09 February 2019

Tensor trucks: worth taking, advantages, price

Most skateboarding beginners have not even heard of such a suspension brand as Tensor. But this brand has a long history of trial and error in the production of pendants, and is also quite popular in the western market.

14 January 2019

Skate insoles: footprint divorce or real stuff

Skateboarding is a constant shock load on the legs. If you do not protect your body from it, then your feet, knees and spine will crumble very quickly, no matter how healthy you are. 

14 January 2020

Skateboard wheels Ricta Rapido – an expensive pleasure for real skateboarding

The Ricta brand has been very firmly entrenched in the skate market since its inception. On any skateboard, the company name will be associated precisely with the wheels. This is the main direction of their activities, so today we will review it on this model of skate wheels.

Santa Cruz VX Decks: best skateboards ever

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22 May 2020

All about Ricta wheels for skateboard: series, advantages, differences

There are a huge number of diverse brands in the skateboarding equipment market. But only a small part of them works exclusively on one group of goods, the production of which is constantly being improved.

12 June 2020

Skateboard deck technologies by Almost

Not every company that produces skateboard decks boasts that non-standard technologies are used in the production of some series. Almost brand has long been in its lineup of copies endowed with the pinnacle of the art of modern engineering.

Technology in SANTA CRUZ decks

If you think that modern skateboards are made only from Canadian maple and generally only from wood of any species, then you are grossly mistaken. Thanks to progress, technology and the desire of the designers of skate brands to make the coolest product for every skater, technological decks have long appeared in the industry.

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