New generation bearings: Bronson is one of the leaders in the niche

Bronson – as soon as a skater hears the name of this brand, he has a clear association with skate bearings. After all, Bronson is the company that is maximally focused on the development and production of this particular group of products.

Let’s try to understand their innovative approach and analyze the brand’s most popular bearing models.

Bronson Skate Bearing Series

Like any brand, no matter what industry, Bronson has a division both in price segments and in the type of bearings. Within each series, we will write what type this or that line can be attributed to, so that you understand what product we are talking about and whether it suits you.


Bearings “Bronson” have only one kind of ceramic option. The model is called – CERAMICS.

Key benefits include:

  • The bearing box can be used as a container for cleaning them. Pour in a special compound (you can also buy it from Bronson, but you can use a simple solvent), shake it, let it settle and, voila, the bearings are clean! It’s really convenient.
  • The balls in the product are made using HIPS technology from an alloy of silicon nitride. Very fast, smooth and durable.
  • Deep grooves are made in the ring, which improve the strength characteristics of the bearing. CERAMICS is not afraid of even the strongest side impacts. The grooves also have Micro Groove Raceway Surfaces – micro grooves that provide better lubrication and high rotational speed.
  • Anthers do not increase the coefficient of friction, because have the most even edges. This suggests that they do not need to be pulled out. Even with them, the bearings “rush like crazy.”
  • Non-standard separator, which makes the bearing more rigid and normalizes the circulation of lubricant. The separator is made using Balls Out technology.
  • Lubricant High Speed ​​Oil. The best that can be in skate bearings.
  • Nitrogen-filled shrink wrap reduces metal and oil oxidation until you put bearings in your wheels (i.e., buy them).

Also, this model has a rich package:

  • 8 bearings;
  • 4 spacers;
  • 8 rings-washers (aka Washers or Speed ​​Rings);
  • 8 additional interchangeable anthers.

RAW Series

In the world of professional skateboarding, the RAW model is a favorite. Versatile ammo for your best skateboarding in any direction: street, park, vert, pool.

Let’s see what the strength of the RAW series is.

  1. No wonder the series is called RAW. Bearings come from the factory without anthers. Now they will not clog with dirt, and their maintenance becomes as simple as possible. Also, this technology gives a decrease in friction in the bearing and, accordingly, an increase in speed. And what is the “RAV” sound. It will be your skate lullaby.
  2. No oil/grease lubrication. Inside the product is a solid tungsten lubricant that makes a film on the main ring, minimizing the coefficient of friction of the balls inside.
  3. A nylon cage that’s ready to withstand any skateboard hits while riding.
  4. ROLLIN’ DEEP – deep groove technology for balls.
  5. Manual check for defects at the factory + packaging filled with nitrogen. To keep your RAWs as fresh as possible when you buy them.

G3 series

Time tested series. The best price / quality ratio, the wallet will be grateful.

Among the interesting features of this model are the following:

  • anthers are not fixed, so they do not interfere with the rapid rotation of the bearing;
  • already deep grooves for balls have MICRO GROOVE – microgrooves that improve bearing lubrication from the inside;
  • The G3 uses ceramic oil as a lubricant. Will fly with a bang.

G2 series

The most budget option from Bronson – if you want bearings from this company, but do not have a large budget, then this is your option.

For this model, it is difficult to single out something interesting – these are just good bearings that will last you as long as possible. Bronson uses its deep grooves, ceramic lubrication oil and frictionless boots here.

Where is the ABEC gradation?

Bronson was one of the first to completely abandon (most likely they never had this system implemented) from ABEC. Many statements have already been made that ABEK does not disclose the quality characteristics of skateboard bearings (or any other bearings in general). Therefore, none of the manufacturer’s series has been assigned the ABEC marking.

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