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How to choose the right skateboard for a beginner?

The correct choice of the first equipment in any sport is a direct consequence of the resulting interest in becoming interested in this sport. Skateboarding is no exception. Therefore, we decided to tell you, without technical details, how to choose a skateboard for a beginner.

A beginner skater needs the equipment that will cause the most difficulties to start skating. That is why we categorically do not recommend purchasing a skateboard from a regular sports store as a complete set (approx. assembled skateboard). Such an assembly will have a lot of problems:

  • The skin does not catch;
  • Bearings do not spin;
  • The wheels don’t ride on asphalt;
  • The board delaminates;
  • And so on and so forth.

All these points will only enhance your first impression of skateboarding. You need to immediately take the skate that will help you learn to skate. Such options are in our catalog – trick skates for beginners.

Basic criteria for choosing a skate for beginners

We wrote a detailed article about choosing the size of skate decks on the blog. It is according to this guide that you need to choose the size of the deck in a complete set, based on what type of beginner you are choosing a set for:

  1. for boy;
  2. for girl.

And each of the groups by gender should be divided into large groups by age:

  • children;
  • teenagers;
  • adults.

The size of the skateboard for each group will be different – this must be taken into account when choosing and purchasing. If you are in doubt, you can contact us for help. Our consultants will help you decide on the right product completely free of charge.

What should you pay attention to after choosing the size?

After you have chosen the right size (this selection condition applies not only to beginners – even professionals choose skateboards by size), you can choose any complete brand that specializes in the production of skateboards.

Save your ardor to buy something from a mass market brand – such a purchase will disappoint you as soon as you bring it to the skatepark. Buy a complete set from a trusted manufacturer.

Among the Russian manufacturers we can highlight:

  • UNION;

From foreign:

  • BLIND and so on.

Already from these manufacturers you can simply buy a skateboard for a beginner that suits your budget for this purchase. This assembled skateboard will bring only joyful emotions when skating, and will also help you quickly master this type of extreme sport.

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