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SKATEBOARDING: what is useful and what develops

What are the benefits of skateboarding? Many people think that this is some kind of hobby for teenage boys, which both comes and goes from their lives. But everything is actually much deeper. Since “teenage hobbies” are not included in the program of the Olympic Games.

In this material we will try to talk about all the advantages of skateboarding as an extreme sport for boys and girls in adolescence.

What is skateboarding developing?

In fact, skateboarding is no longer a sport as it is now marketed, but a way of life. It turns out that a skater is not an athlete, but simply a passionate person from his subculture. From this we can conclude that there is little usefulness in this hobby, but this is an erroneous judgment.

1. Development of children’s physical qualities

In any case, skateboarding is about mobility. Without the proper skills – a sense of balance, dexterity, coordination, development of leg muscles, and so on, you will not be able to even just ride on this plywood with four wheels. Regular skating develops all these aspects:

  • in order to stay on a skateboard you need a good sense of balance;
  • in order to fall and group correctly you need a good sense of coordination;
  • weak leg muscles will not allow you to turn normally and start doing tricks;
  • and so on.

In fact, a skateboard can be compared to a “health disc” in terms of developing a child’s physical fitness at the initial stage of entering this type of extreme sport.

2. Improve your English level

Skateboarding came to us from California, so all the terminology of this sport is based in English. Willy-nilly, a person immersed in the world of skateboarding must understand an unfamiliar language in order to at least talk with his friends about tricks and their implementation.

3. Development of communication and socialization

Skateboarding is about friendship. Skateboarding is about communication. In no country in the world will you meet a lonely skater who has no friends and comrades in his hobby. Your child will meet new people every time, establish contacts within his subculture, and so on. All these processes go much faster when socialization occurs for the sake of a favorite hobby.

4. Revealing style and taste

Skaters dress a certain way. This is not just sportswear like in some other sports. This is a whole ritual of choosing comfortable clothes. which will look stylish with the unique riding of each individual rider.

And the style in the understanding of skateboarding is formed over the years of skating and the child already begins to understand what is beautiful and what is not so beautiful. This assessment experience can easily transfer to other areas of life.

5. Fighting fear

Skateboarding is often scary. The first Ollie, the first kick flip, the first 50-50 and so on – it’s all a fight against fear. This skill will help the child learn to deal with the difficulties of life without being afraid to overcome them.

6. An opportunity to escape from problems

This point can be largely attributed to older guys. First love, problems at school, and so on – all this has a strong influence on the emotional background. Skateboarding gives you the opportunity to forget about everything bad while skating and make your mind clearer.

7. Taking time so that the child does not hang around idle

If you are not convinced by the above arguments about the usefulness of skateboarding, then we can say that skating will take up a lot of your child’s free time and he will not have the desire and opportunity to hang around, do some bad things, and so on.

There are many advantages of skateboarding, so don’t be afraid to instill in your children a love for this sport. If you need advice on choosing equipment to start in this sport, the team of our online store will be ready to help you with this.

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