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What are the parts of a skateboard called?

What are the parts of a skateboard called

  • deck (deck) – board, skate, plywood, wood chips;
  • suspensions (trucks) – tracks, suspensions;
  • wheels;
  • bearings – bearings;
  • sandpaper (griptape) – emery, skin, sandpaper, grip, griptape;
  • bolts (hardware) – screws;

These are the names and their jargon for the main parts of a skateboard. Next, let’s look at the names of the components of each of the elements of the skateboard.

What does the deck consist of?

The deck has no components. There can only be accessories for it. For example, rails and tail overlays.

What are the pendants made of?

The tracks are a prefabricated part and consist of the following parts:

  • hanger or hanger. This is the part of the track to which the wheels are attached;
  • baseplate or base. This part of the suspension is attached to the deck;
  • shock absorbers (bushings) or bushings. Attached between the first two parts;
  • wheel nuts (axle nuts). Secure the wheel to the axle;
  • speedrings. These are washers on the wheel axle behind and in front of the wheel, which serve as a stop when tightening so as not to pinch the bearings.
  • pivot cups. Rubber inserts in the baseplate for installing the nose of the hanger and its smoother rotation in the suspension;
  • kingpin. The axle bolt of the suspension, which holds all its parts together.

What are the wheels made of?

The skate wheels are made of cast polyurethane. There are wheels with a plastic core, but they are also non-separable. Therefore, there are no wheel parts as such.

What are bearings made of?

Skateboard bearings consist of the following elements:

  • ring. This is the main part that holds the entire rotating mechanism inside itself;
  • anthers (washers). These are plugs along the edges of the bearing to prevent dirt from getting inside. There are models with 1 or no anthers at all;
  • balloons. Due to the balls, the rotation process inside the bearing occurs;
  • separator. The element that holds the balls in the bearing in place;
  • central bushing. Makes it possible to put the bearing on the axle and organize the process of wheel rotation;
  • spacers. Bushings that are inserted inside the wheel between the bearings, designed to reduce their wear. Now they are practically not used.

Ceramic bearings have exactly the same structure, only the balls in them are made not of steel, but of ceramics.

What does emery consist of?

A sheet of sandpaper consists of the sandpaper itself and the transport base.

What are the bolts made of?

All metal bolts cannot be disassembled.

Now you know what a classic stunt skateboard consists of and what each part is called.

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