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Glue for skate shoes Shoe Goo or “Suga”: what, why, why?

Patching skate shoes is an art. Anything that can be used to repair skating shoes. There are different methods, but most often their effectiveness leaves much to be desired.

But now a product appears on the market – Shoe Goo glue (although this is not a skate product at all). Shuga glue has always been intended for gluing shoes of any type. It is a substance that, when hardened, forms a kind of rubber shell with good adhesion to any material of the sneaker. This way Shoe Goo creates a protective film over the material of your sneakers.

The large tube of black sludge itself looks like this.

Application principle (our own experience)

We smeared the stitched toe of the Fallen Patriot sneaker using the tube itself. All the excess that accumulated on the neck was then removed with a toothpick and smeared onto the sneaker with it.

“Suga” saturates suede quickly and very well. We applied a thin layer of skate shoe glue to test how long it would take for the skating rink to wear off.

Literally after 5-10 minutes the composition turned into a rubber shell, which sat as tightly as possible in the suede of the Fallen sneakers. “Suga” will also apply well to nubuck sneakers and a little less well to leather versions. We are not considering textiles – these are not skate shoes (but these will also fit like suede – good).

Impressions from the skating rink on the fresh Shoe Goo

We specifically applied only one leading shoe to experience the difference and effect of Shoe Goo first-hand.

“Suga” does not leave any snags on the sandpaper, as, for example, the most common tool for repairing skate shoes—hot glue—does. The shoe with Shoe Goo pulled the flips much harder, so in order to tighten it up, I had to make my foot movements a little more sharply. The shoe did not become wooden from “Suga”.

What happened to the “suga” after several rides?

In general, “Suga” performs its functions well. On the first day of riding, it clung noticeably better than regular suede. But after a couple of rollers, the grip became as familiar as that of suede. Such a thick layer did not even wear down to the holes in the suede, so you can put a layer directly on new sneakers if you want to increase their service life.

You can also easily spread another layer of Shoe Goo onto an already erased layer – it will stick to the other with a bang! So use it. This is more effective than gluing sneakers with some tires, other suede or something similar. Although this tube is a little more expensive than improvised products, it will last you a long time. You can re-glue all your skating shoes.

Shoe Goo is a must-have for your skate sneakers. Recommended for purchase!

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