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Paraffin for skateboarding (scooter): let’s look at the advantages of purchasing using wax from DGK as an example

As part of the review of a specific paraffin, we would like to talk in general about the relevance of purchasing this “piece of happiness” for any skater or scooter.

In general, DGK paraffin looks like this when packaged, as in the picture below. You will definitely be pleased with the fact that the piece of paper on top is a sticker. You can put this sticker on the board to make it slide even better (just kidding).

The advantages of specifically waxing from DGK

We are 146% sure that all waxes on the market are made using the same technology. This means that, in general, the consistency of the product itself does not differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, and arguing about the effectiveness of this or that paraffin, as well as comparing brands, is simply pointless. They all give a cool glide!

What’s the difference, you ask? It’s simple – form factor. This is where every manufacturer gets to play as they please. Some people make variations of skate waxes as a work of art, that is, they look as cool as possible, but are not always practical. And someone does the most practical things to make it convenient for riders to use paraffin for its intended purpose. DGK wax just belongs to the second group:

  • the polish has a good round shape that will fit in the palm of any teenager (i.e. it will be convenient to wipe along the edge);
  • The paraffin initially has a convenient slot for rubbing the edges, which allows you to avoid sharpening the wax so that it is convenient to coat the edge. There may be a moment of doubt here – will the paraffin break in this place after several rubbings? But no, wax is alive, based on our tests;
  • purely aesthetic opinion – paraffin smells pleasant (fragrant lime), and the bright color will help you not to forget it at the spot.

And now about why paraffin is needed at all, after all, there is a candle/soap?

Let’s break down the myths that have been building up around this staff for a long time.

1. Paraffin is expensive.

In general, yes, if you compare the price of a bar of soap or a candle. Compared to them, paraffin looks like an unaffordable luxury. But it’s not that simple. After all, the consumption of soap or candles is simply colossal. In order for it to “go”, you need to smear more than one portion of this stuff onto the sliding area. And in hot weather, soap and candles will be of no use at all – they melt, and their consumption is maximum. At the same time, even a small amount of paraffin will last you a long time with daily rolling and rubbing of the edges.

2. A candle and soap are the same as skate wax.

NO! Soap and a candle will never give such a reduction in the coefficient of friction of the deck or pendants with a sliding object (granite edge, metal rail, etc.). Therefore, a small layer of wax not only provides excellent gliding, but also remains on the edge many times longer than the above-mentioned “folk remedies.”

3. Paraffin gets dirty.

Nothing like this! You won’t be able to get your case or even your pocket dirty if you use the paraffin paraffin carefully.

We recommend spending a small amount once and always having a product with you to improve gliding on any spots. Tested from my own experience 🙂

Well, as a snack, confirmation that the paraffin wax along the cut for the edge did not break.

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