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DLK (Down Low Kingpin) technology in Krux tracks: design, advantages

DLK (Down Low Kingpin) is an inverted kingpin (central suspension bolt), which is designed to completely protect your grinds on rails and edges from snags. In general, a very reasonable solution from the manufacturer: simply turn the kingpin over in the track and thereby remove the nut into the baseplate to save space at the hanger.

The Kingpin in the Krux DLK suspensions is hollow, which means that the manufacturer minimizes the weight of the track. But it’s a pity that only in this place. The hollow wheel axle was not delivered. Otherwise it’s a regular Krux truck.

DLK installation technology

There are a lot of guides on installing this innovative kingpin on the English-language YouTube. But it’s clear to us even without guides that the pin is inserted here a little differently than on regular tracks.

It is worth noting that the big advantage of the DLK is that it does not need to be knocked out/hammered during installation. There are no grooves on it that should fit tightly into the baseplate. It changes in 2 minutes.

A little distraction about this particular model of tracks, which you see in the photo in the article. The baseplate seemed thicker compared to the Tensor MagLight. The pivot cap is set to transparent (this is rare). Also, both gimbals have an identical serial number under the baseplate. This is a very important topic, since the suspensions come in pairs and it should not be possible for you to get a second track from another set.

A clear demonstration that this pin does not catch on grinds at all is in the video below.

The bushings on the KRUX DLK Standard (Matte White) suspension model are as soft as possible. The design of the bushings is standard – 2 polyurethane shock absorbers and 2 guide plates. But it is worth noting that the top plate will not fit any set of bushings. There is a special recess made for the DLK.

Distinctive features of the KRUX DLK from traditional suspensions:

  1. Non-standard hexagon for tightening (ideally you need an inch 7/32″, but you can also tighten it with a 5.5mm one).
  2. The pendants are simply painted on top (not powder coated).
  3. Weight – they are heavy. Feelings are subjective, we haven’t weighed them.
  4. Absence of any problems on grinds due to pin hooks.
  5. Easy to replace kongpin. Even a child can do it without outside help.

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