HARD LUCK: good bearings for your riding

When deciding on the choice of bearings, you are unlikely to find a mention of the HARD LUCK brand in any online store. But in fact, this company has long specialized in the production of skate equipment, and their bearings can be considered one of the best deals on the market.

Naturally, the review is not written on the basis of a bare study of the manufacturer’s website www.hardlucmfg.com, but thanks to experimental testing of the Hard Six Bearings model. This is such a good middling from the entire collection of the company, which is worth a try in your skating.

What is the Hard Six Bearings model?

What do you have in terms of equipment:

  • Metal box with comfortable placement of bearings in foam material. The box can be used for your old bearings and carried in a case in reserve.
  • 8 quality bearings for daily street riding and that’s it. They didn’t even bring stickers.

It is noteworthy that in this material there is a hole for speed rings (speed rings), but for some reason there are no rings themselves in the box. It would be easy to trade the metal box for speedrings.

Six ball specification

In the bearing we have 6 balls of chrome steel with an increased diameter to reduce friction. Due to this, the manufacturer has achieved good acceleration / speed for this rather budget model. Chrome plated steel makes this item very durable. Those. they won’t fall apart after a couple of months of hard riding. It is worth noting that the nylon bearing retainer is also responsible for durability.

Already from the factory, grease has been placed in the latch (I felt this when I opened the package and took the bearings in my hand), which will lubricate the balls inside for a long period of time. The nylon retainer itself prevents it from splashing.

Notable Feature of Six Ball Bearings

We are all used to the fact that standard skate bearings have 2 anthers on both sides. Someone immediately pulls them out, they say, reduces the friction of the rubber bands, but this is all a “collective farm”. In this model of bearings, one boot is made on the other side. which will be placed outside. Indeed, why make 2 anthers if the inner side of the bearing is almost completely sealed. As a result, on the other side we see a nylon ball retainer. This design accurately reduces the coefficient of friction and does not affect the degree of protection of the balls.

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