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Theeve Trucks: overview of individual models

This brand is underestimated simply because of its obscurity. I will try to dispel this misfortune for you.

In order to as quickly as possible get into the course of what kind of brand they suggest going to the manufacturer’s official website and checking out a couple of suspension models and descriptions of them. Then come back here and we will disassemble Theeve pendants for parts.

Brand history

The brand was founded in 2007. A remarkable fact of the development of the suspension company is that it was Theeve that brought such material as titanium to the skate market. In 2009, the brand launched the first version of its top TiHanger pendants. In general, one of the principles of the company is the use of the most durable and lightweight titanium alloy in its tracks. At the moment, only the CSX version has no titanium elements. More information about the founders of the brand could not be found, but Theeve should simply be associated in your head with the first who decided to make pendants from titanium.

Suspension lineup

To date, Theeve produces a fairly large line of trucks for skateboard. The lineup has as many as 4 collections:

  1. TiHangers pendants are the coolest and most expensive brand pendants. From the name of the line it is clear that the hanger and the wheel axle are made of titanium. A rather unusual form will not give rest to anyone – it is not standard, but the track does not lose strength from this. The manufacturer claims that these are the only pendants in the world in which the hanger and axle are made of titanium. Yes, the price is just insane – $ 250. It is no wonder that the line has only one color – metallic.
  2. TiKing pendants are already a more affordable product, as their price is $ 88 per pair. Here, only the wheel axle is made of titanium. In the image you can see which element of the pendants is made of what material. I never would have thought that the development of the suspension can lead to the fact that it will be made from as many as 3 different metals. The kingpin on these suspensions is hollow, but the wheel axles are not hollow, since titanium is already lightweight and there is no need to reduce the strength of the track part.
  3. TiAX pendants – the difference between this series from KING is not very clear. Even according to the manufacturer’s specifications, suspensions are practically no different. But the price is quite different. TiAX will cost $ 64. The color line is also not rich, but now at least not one model, but as many as 2. Also, even in such a model you will get a titanium wheel axle.
  4. CSX pendants are the simplest and most affordable models from this manufacturer. The price tag is 50 bucks. But here you will not be spoiled by the titans, but you will get a good “truck” for your skateboarding. You will certainly appreciate the fact that in this series a huge number of pendants and even there are models with a unique design. It is this model of pendants that came to our review, therefore, offers to read the text about it in a more detailed exposition.

CSX V3 series overview

They pleased me with the quality of workmanship and rich color. By weight, like the same Krux that have been on my board for 3 years. But maybe this is just a feeling, and I’m sure that they weigh a couple grams less than the old Krux model.

Especially for you, I completely dismantled the suspensions on the video. I did not see anything supernatural for myself. Like its older brothers, this model has a hollow kingpin, which reduces its weight. There are no other challenges on the baseplate and the hanger. According to the manufacturer’s specifications, there is an axis that is protected from slipping. I have never seen such a breakdown on any of the suspensions that I had.

It is worth noting that Theeve has no separation of pendants by height, only by width to the size of the board. All suspensions are 55 mm high, which is such an average between the obsolete mid and high.

The baseplate and henger of this model are made of a special aluminum alloy, and the wheel axle and hollow kingpin are made of steel. Stock bushings are fairly ordinary medium hard. The kit comes with 4 speed rings, as in principle on any other set of branded pendants.

To take or not?

This is the average price “per ward” for all basic versions of pendants. In favor of Theeve can be said. that even in stock you get a hollow kingpin, which is cool. Well, if you compare them with ordinary indices. even with the 2019 release, theeve will be a bit, but lighter. In the end, you choose. In combat mode, they have yet to pass the test. Then this material will be supplemented with personal feelings from the skating rink.

Theeve Brand facts

In the catalog, the link to which is above, they present a pink version of the suspension of the base segment and state this fact by saying that many girls began to ride on skateboards and they need to be respected.
The brand also produces small capsule collections of T-shirts, caps, socks and hoodies with longslivy.

Theeve Trucks team has a lot of famous pro, including Brandon Turner, Moose, Larelle Gray and so on. You can find the complete list of the brand team on its website –

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