Skate insoles: footprint divorce or real stuff

Skateboarding is a constant shock load on the legs. If you do not protect your body from it, then your feet, knees and spine will crumble very quickly, no matter how healthy you are. That is why skate firms constantly torment themselves in the development of some innovative methods of dealing with such a phenomenon. To a greater extent, this torments shoe manufacturers who are ready to cram everything in your sole so that you don’t bend your legs when you land your next fs kickflip from 5 steps to the primo (Hi, Rodney Mullen!). But few people thought that not only the sole of the skating sneaker can absorb shock load. After all, there is still an insole! Then the shoe manufacturers began to pay attention to them, but something is not very good at them. There is no such skate shoe about the insoles which can be said: “Yes, this is high!”. It can be expensive to sell with a steep insole, or maybe they don’t need it – buy what is.

But here the Footprint company appeared on the market – These guys realized that you can make cool insoles so that every rider would like to buy one in order to preserve his musculoskeletal system. And so, special skate insoles roll out onto the market.

There is nothing particularly innovative in the product – the technologies already invented and used in another field of activity have put on the problem of skaters. Profit – a cool product ready for sale.

What’s so special about Footprint insoles?

You bought good skate shoes. Why do you need to buy quite expensive insoles for them (yes, yes, the price of a pair of insoles from Footprint is about 1500 rubles)? They have several advantages that will help you not only maintain your health, but also feel better on the rink.

They take the shape of your foot

The insole is made from Kingfoam special nanotechnological foam, which over time takes the shape of your foot. Therefore, do not be afraid that any pair of “Footprints” will be flat from the package – you will make them for yourself.

Gamechangers series is thermoformed

Bake the insoles, yes you burn! No, this particular brand collection should be baked at a temperature of 110 degrees Celsius and then formed in your foot. You can bake in the oven or as Brandon Biebel in a conventional microwave.

Someone will think that in the framework of “baking” the insole material is simply better pressed through and due to this the effect is created “in the foot”. But actually it works differently. Watch a video demonstrating how thermoformed insoles work.

Fit to various shoes

Again, the Gamechangers series can help you not only “lick” your foot to give it the right support, but they can also stand up in new shoes perfectly. To do this, you need to warm them up again (yes, they are multi-heated) and spend them in new sneakers. They ideally sit in a new block.

Maximum protection against dynamic loads

This is probably the key advantage of this staff for skaters. After all, such insoles quench all the energy of your jumps, and your knees and back say thank you. Visual demonstration of shock absorption in the video below.

For cleanliness

If your legs sweat as much as possible during the rink or any other activity, then such insoles will help to avoid the formation of various fungi. The porous material helps to evaporate moisture and prevents it from getting inside the insole. In this case, you can always wash your FP insoles and they will not lose their cushioning properties.

A guide for choosing insoles (yes, they also need to be able to choose)

Talking about sizes does not make sense, since a hedgehog is clear that the insole size should correlate with your shoe size. The manufacturer FP insoles recommends choosing a larger one in case of doubt about buying one size or another!

In principle, the manufacturer’s recommendations are simple:

  • if you have flat feet, then select the Gamechangers series. But we hasten to note that flatfoot is a disease and such self-medication can be with some consequences. Consult a doctor;
  • if you have any other arch of the foot, then take Kingfoam Insoles or Kingfoam Elite insoles. Any of these collections will be at your foot.

Insole Options

At the moment, released a great many models of stele Footprint. You will surely be able to find a product with either the best design for you or your favorite print rider.

By the way, the brand has, as it were, the main site, which probably should be considered official – But our Russian-language brand website is a complete copy of the foreign in terms of information, so this time you are lucky that you do not know English.

Thickness options

By the way, many may think when looking at the “Footprints” about what the fuck they are so thick. But in fact, the thickness compensates for their ability to take the shape of your foot, and also to absorb the energy of impacts as long as possible, and not to fade away after the first week of an active skating rink.

The market offers options with a thickness of 3 and 5 and 7 mm. Of course, the thicker the more expensive. But we recommend taking 3.5 immediately and not exchanging for something cheaper. If you protect the body, then immediately to the maximum.

I prepared this review with the support of the Skateboard “Square”, in which you can buy insoles for skateboarding in the section.

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