Tensor trucks: worth taking, advantages, price

Most skateboarding beginners have not even heard of such a suspension brand as Tensor – https://tensortrucks.com/. But this brand has a long history of trial and error in the production of pendants, and is also quite popular in the western market.

What is the company currently offering?

A small number of skateboards of brands that produce “iron” make some emphasis on the advantages of their product. Most seem to just make merch. This is especially true for Russian manufacturers – simple orders at Chinese factories in the style of “Do it to me as they do.” And some just hang nameplates on blank pendants for some other brands. Again business. But Tensor is not like that. They made a visual guide for everyone who wants to buy their products, why they should do this.

The brand’s total suspension redesign was called All terrain geometry – otherwise, “the best geometry for your long grinds” (if you know how to do anything other than kiss the rail).

  1. Lower Kingpin – No Grind Hangups. Kingpin on all models of trucks is planted 5 mm lower than the upper face of the hanger. This will save you from unnecessary hooks on the verge, but most likely will make you sweat in search of a new kingpin if you break the stock;
  2. Interlocking Bushings – More Control. Stock bushings are made in such a way that they go into the crotch of the hanger from both sides. A kind of “double penetration.” The manufacturer assures that this provides even greater control over the board during maneuvers;
  3. Stronger Truck – Lifetime Guarantee. To talk about breakdowns, Tensor gives a lifetime warranty on its suspensions – https://tensortrucks.com/guarantee. The standard set of “BUT” for such applications. Although the main “BUT” is for you, you will not send pendants from your Uryupinsk to the address 225 S. Aviation Blvd, El Segundo, CA 90245 USA, so that the manufacturer sends you new ones.

Among other advantages, the manufacturer notes the following:

  • increased suspension height. By the way, it is worth noting that now the brand does not divide its suspension models into standard High, Mid and Low;
  • minimized weight (even for the Aluminum lineup, not to mention Maglight);
  • redistribution of the weight of the hanger, which allowed us to make it more durable.

Innovations in truck production or what is a series

These are the lightest pendants among all manufacturers (information on the assurance of the manufacturer). The pendants of this series are made of a special alloy, which allows you to minimize the weight of the truck, making your board as a whole almost weightless. Of course, calculating the weight of spare parts is more relevant for BMX, where the guys simply “measure” by the fact that one connecting rod is 10 grams lighter than the other, but skateboarding is not deprived of such technologies.

Watch this short video comparing the weight of Tensor Maglight pendants and other well-known manufacturers.

Fat cons trucks

It seems that after such a positive description there should be the phrase Shut up and take my money, but not everything is as good as it seems.

High price

The cost of the cheapest Maglight pair in the official online store of the company is $ 59.95. This for many becomes a stumbling block even at the stage of simple testing of this model. After all, all reviews, including this one, are certainly good, but personal experience will not replace anything.

Of course, there are Aluminum models in the line that are much cheaper ($ 39.95), as well as the simplest Allow Raw ($ 19.95), which are completely devoid of all the cool innovations from the company.

Quick wear

Although the manufacturer gives a lifetime warranty, it is only for complete breaking. If you drain the hanger to the axis, then this is not a warranty case. For these pendants, this is a common practice. Due to lighter alloys, pendants glide better even on the most killed faces, not to mention the skatepark, but it also affects the abrasion of the metal.

To take or not?

We recommend that you try this kind of innovation for your skateboard at least once in your life. If the service life does not suit you, then you will not buy such pendants. But it all comes down to money. 


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