ES Swift 1.5 sneakers: 00-x classic skateboarding

A classic of the 90s skateboarding in a new image – this is exactly what can be said about the Swift 1.5 sneakers from the ES brand. But what kind of classic is this, which the manufacturer decided to reincarnate without a twinge of conscience? In general, are Swifts suitable for comfortable skateboarding? We will answer in the material, read to the end!

I want to express my gratitude to the skate shop “Square” for once again giving the opportunity to tell you about these sneakers based on personal experience of use. You can buy the same ES Swift 1.5 on the Square website at a good discount. I will say right away – they are worth a purchase if you like this style of shoes!

Skate Chips Swift 1.5 Sneakers

Sneakers were initially positioned by the manufacturer as skating. But according to personal feelings, it will be cool to walk in them and run and jump – spend your day actively. But a reference to skateboarding is visible in the following details.

Special nose insert

The toe of the shoe is one-piece, which immediately suggests that in skating sneakers will behave generally well. But for greater durability from the sole to the bend to the flat part of the toe, Swift 1.5 has a special insert. It’s hard to say – this is a separate piece of material or so suede is soaked that it turned into something similar to rubber. But the main thing is that the sock is reinforced, and this place is always wiped before the others.

The presence of shoelace protection

Torn shoelaces are really a problem for every skater. But competent manufacturers always make shoelace protection options on their sneakers. On these sneakers, these are regular loops that are located inside the shoe. If ES is laced up like that, then you will never tear the laces. Maybe the sneaker will not look stylish either, but you will get much more comfort in skateboarding.

At the same point can be attributed a plastic insert in the upper lacing eyelet. When performing any hilfip this particular part of the sneaker is erased. Here, initially, plastic will take the brunt. How much is enough is another question.

Accent element on an allied shoe

“Droplet” – this is how this element can be characterized. The manufacturer on his official website ( says that this element is used to extend the life of the all-in-one as much as possible, as well as to improve the control of board flip. Perhaps the moment is debatable, but it looks cool, well, and additional material in the place of wiping the sneaker is clearly a reference to the fact that they will be wiped longer. Accent has on both sneakers, neither goofies have offended the regulars.

Availability of silicone outsole

Probably only DC sneakers, according to personal experience, the sole can wipe faster than the top. It was in order to prevent this from happening on ES that they made a special sole pad. Those. the manufacturer did not increase the height of the sole due to it – it is simply built into that part of the sole, which is more responsible for shock absorption.

It is worth noting that this insert is also an interesting decorative element. Its color differs from the overall color of the sole, which means that the sneaker in appearance becomes much more interesting.

See how Tom Asta and Ronnie Creager run around these sneakers and share their experiences.

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