Skateboard wheels Ricta Rapido – an expensive pleasure for real skateboarding

The Ricta brand has been very firmly entrenched in the skate market since its inception. On any skateboard, the company name will be associated precisely with the wheels. This is the main direction of their activities, so today we will review it on this model of skate wheels.

These wheels for review were provided to us by the Squat online store, for which we thank him.

The Rapido line – what it is eaten with

Just note that the “Rapido” is the most expensive brand wheels. In our online skate shops, 4 wheels of this line will cost 3,500 rubles. It is very expensive for wheels. But let’s see if they are worth the money.

The key difference between the wheels of this line among themselves, not paying attention to the diameter, is shape. The manufacturer offers riders three variations in wheel performance:

  • slim
  • wide;
  • round.

I ordered a specially slim series of 52 mm for myself, since it is these wheels that clearly reflect the style of my riding and perfectly complement it. Let’s understand what their differences are.

Ricta Rapido SLIM

From the designation of the form factor it is clear that this is a narrow variation of the wheels. Narrow wheels in skateboarding are used by most street riders. In a straight, they give the rider undeniable advantages:

  • minimum weight. Of course, skaters do not bother so much over the weight of components as biemixers, but I feel such a time will come, they will even choose emery by weight;
  • minimal rounding at the edges. Even such a straight form of the side of the wheels makes it possible to “squeeze” the grind on the rails when you need to lock the slip. Those. if you like to make fs smithgrind, but the skateboard tries to jump off the slide, then wheels of this shape will make it a little easier to hold long grinds;
  • optimal speed. Such wheels in combination with good bearings will give you optimal speed when accelerating to a flat face or a giant hep;
  • simplicity of control of flip tricks. Yes, here we need some physics. The balancing of a rotating body is much more difficult when large heavy loads are located at its edges. In the SLIM version of the wheels you will have maximum control over your “treshki”.

For the SLIM version of the wheels, the following Ricta colors are relevant.

It is also worth noting that for the SLIM version, the manufacturer provided only a rigidity of 99a – the most street stiffness. Even in your Muhosransk it will ride quite well on peanuts.

Ricta Rapido Wide

This is practically the twin brother of the Slim version, only a little fat. This option will be more to the liking of skiers in radii. After all, the large width of the plane of contact of the wheel with the surface gives greater control over the board at high speed, and also allows this speed to gain and save more quickly. Ideal conditions for pool skiing in a vacuum.

You can also notice that it is the Wide version that is available in the largest diameter for this series – 56 millimeters. And also it is necessary to note the moment of stiffness of the wheels – in this series there are only 101A, which means that it will be somewhat difficult to ride them on poor surfaces.

For an inexperienced skate, riding in an ordinary skatepark and street will be high on these wheels. But if you are a “vert skater”, rejoicing in the voice with the slogan “WERT ALIVE!”, Then of course you should buy the Wide version. All other things being equal, they can lay the same fibilarics, since the design is completely identical to the Slim version.

Color options for the Wide series are as follows.

If you do not understand the joke, then the heyday is exactly the same, only on the colored circles are the inscriptions Wide added.

Mix of the first two shapes – Ricta Rapido Round

If you are directly torn between a straight and a radius, then buy yourself Round. In this line, even the size you need is delivered. The key difference of this shape is that they are as wide as wide, but the area of contact with the surface is even slightly smaller than that of Slim. Also, the edges of the wheels are more sloping, which somewhat reduces their “lock-in” properties and it is not so easy to keep smitariki at great distances.

But for the “Round” the manufacturer was not pleased with the rich color scheme. Only such a coloring.

Other benefits of the Rapido Series

Since this is the most expensive model of the manufacturer, the most advanced technologies should be invested in it. Therefore, among other advantages for this line, it is worth highlighting:

  • smooth sliding on the surface (i.e. smooth running on asphalt, concrete, plywood and so on). This is achieved through an improved formula for wheel material;
  • high durability. Of course, no one measures the wheels by their service life in general. All measurements begin with the calculation of the time until the appearance of the first Wilbytes – the worn surface of the wheels. Usually, wilbytes earn on reverse, wrong blancing slides or in some strange situations when sliding – in general, at those moments when the wheel rubs against any surface not designed for this surface. Here you will not get your first wbbyte for a long time;
  • control on the slides. This of course is achieved due to the developed form of the wheel itself, which locks the grinds not only on one suspension, but even on two. Now your backing pipe through the pipe will be perfect.

If you want to evaluate these wheels in action, then go to the official YouTube channel of the brand and you can watch how the missile defense team rolls on these cool wheels.


It’s hard to believe, but the manufacturer’s official website gives an unlimited time guarantee on your wheels against the formation of “flat spots”. By writing into this form, you can send the wheels to the manufacturer and new ones will be sent to you.

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