An honest review of Nike SB Nyjah Free or why I won’t buy these sneakers!

Hello my dear reader. I hope you got on this material when the question arose in your head of choosing high-quality shoes for skateboarding. This is a complicated and delicate process, since there is no “taste and color”, but in this article I will try to tell you about all the “chips” and the advantages of a Nike sneaker for the Nyjah Huston pro-skater model called Free.

Model exit history

After Nyjah joined the Nike SB team, Free was his first shoe model of the brand. The design of the sneakers was created in conjunction with August Benzin (designer Nike SB).

Nike, as a manufacturer, makes the following statements about this shoe: the flexible design of the shoe will withstand any load, the inner insert covers the foot for its secure fit, and the Free sole is completely redesigned for skateboarding, which allows it to shrink and expand with each movement of the rider.

Appearance or the first “WOW” after opening the box

The box of this model is no different from the rest of the SB line – the same coral square piece of cardboard with white prints from Nike. Opening the box, you see sneakers that are original in form and design, whose color hurts your eyes a little (yes, yes, we’re talking about a completely white version).

Naturally, in this model there is not a drop from the history of skate shoes – these are purely sporting shoes for the Olympics. You can find more similarities with this futsal sneaker – the same elongated toe, flat sole, slightly oversized silhouette … I can already see how you kick the ball into them. But the rest of the sneakers out of the box really say that you spent the money for good reason, and that’s for a minute 6300 rubles (at the time of writing).

We dress and do not want to take them off

If you guessed right with the size (and if not, then how do you buy shoes?), Then Nike SB Nyjah Free sit on your foot as tightly as possible – 100% control!

The sneaker has a fairly simple structure, but due to it, the effect of the “second” sweaty skin of your legs is achieved:

  • the entire outer shell, the so-called capsule, is made of some kind of superfood material that resembles suede mixed with rubber;
  • inside the sneaker has a specially sewn textile sock, so that your slender legs would be comfortable wearing these sneakers even without socks and with torsions.

No inserts, breathable socks (although there is perforation on the shoe, otherwise the summer heat would have welded your foot in this rubber pan) and other favorite features of SB shoe manufacturers. A sort of iPhone among the rest of the skate shoes.

“Battle” setting

Sneakers for riding designed with all the features of operation, so do not ignore the chip that slipped Nyjah.

If you look into the sock area under incomprehensible rubber material and pay attention to the lacing, you will see that special threads are made inside that help to lace up the sneaker so that you do not tear your precious laces (again, we send you to the price tag on sneakers – 6300 rubles ).

It’s not comme il faut to do lacing for both sides inward, so we hide your laces only from the side of the ollie ped under the capsule, and from the inside, we lace up with regular holes. This is convenient to do, not only because of the stylish image of the lacing, but also so that it does not stray, in the case when it does not have a rigid fixation on regular holes. Having laced both sneakers into the “combat” mode, you can go to test sneakers from Nyjah in practice.

Ride comfort

Most hatty shoes are just for the price. This is stupid, because they don’t know how comfortable these sneakers are.

Nyjah Nike SB dresses like socks and feels very light on the foot. This gives you maximum mobility as well as control over the board. The famous 360-degree control system of the board (it’s not clear where all the Russian-speaking skeyshops got this saying out of) works like a clock – where would you choose the sneakers, it will be the same.

Of the minuses, the first sensations can be noted. Shoes squeeze your foot so unfamiliarly that after the first 15 minutes of skiing you realize that the blood is already very heavy at your feet. I want to remove sneakers. But after sitting for several minutes, this withdrawal passes and you feel good. It’s worth noting. that this is true only for new shoes that are bought exactly in size. Over time, such sensations completely disappear.

The hook on any skin is not as stiff as suede and not as slippery as leather – the golden mean. Such properties of the upper coating are maintained throughout the life of the shoe to his knight.

The Free insert in the sole provides good cushioning, but does not protect much from landing on the rib. If Rodney Mullen (Rodney Malen) remembers you when performing the trick, then you will be sure to bend your legs off (although who has what weight). The unique sole construction system allows you to keep the hitch of the sneaker and deck at a good level for as long as possible. A slightly overestimated silhouette saves the Achilles board from poking, but when turning the foot, it is completely useless.

Wear resistance or why Nyjah have been living with you for so long

Maximum life is a key advantage of this shoe. Even with daily skating, you don’t get this shoe in one season. Of course, to ride in them after such heavy use in the next season will be problematic, but it is unlikely that there will be those who extinguish every day. And with your frequency of once a week, this shoe is enough for ages.

The unusual material of the capsule is worn for a very long time both in the place of the alli peda and on the toe itself. Therefore, no hacks with glue “Super Moment” or “Chinese snot” – ride without thinking about the holes.

Update! Information after a year of using Nyjah sneaker

This is not to say that these shoes were run in hard mode – about 2-3 skating rinks per week + winter skiing in an indoor park. In the photo you can see the result yourself. 1 hole on its flip leg in place ollie leads. An almost torn toe of the shoe at the kickflip exit point. The worn out sole in places of a thumb pad.

Perhaps someone will consider that this is a heavy damage – but for me these are the longest-running sneakers in my entire skating experience. Now they are not very comfortable on the old skin, as the sole slips a little, but this does not take away the very comfort of riding. They also catch flips well, the sole also well absorbs blows – in general, the shoes are still skating. But I decided to buy a new one. And what has it become? Naturally, again Nike SB Free from Nyjah Huston.

Biggest Nike Sneaker Problem From Nyjah

The material from which the top of the shoe is made is not as elastic as the fabric, so at the place of folding the palm trees along the edges of the laces inside the shoe began to seriously break. Super-glue could not stop this action, and the stitching made by the manufacturer to avoid this effect is not effective.

Double edged sword

In the new sneakers from Nyjah I walked away and skated for about 1.5 months and this batch / color upset me as much as possible. In the most dangerous place for these sneakers, which I described above, they began to seriously break. The photographs clearly show how far the breakthrough has gone.

I tried by some collective farm methods to stop further movement along this fold, but in vain. I feel it will be like on white – to the sole. As a result, I summarize for myself that I won’t buy the third pair of these sneakers for sure. Better try something else, you will read the review already on some other model from Nike.

By the way, at the moment I tried riding in the Blazer high version and Stephan models (models from Stefan Janoski). Initially, I will release my opinion about these sneakers, and after that there will be a review on some new model from Nike SB, which has recently entered the market.

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