Never Been Done Griptape: unique development JESSUP and NIKE

A grip for a skateboard is a product that seems to be extremely clear to riders and cannot be changed radically. But skate sander market leader JESSUP and skate shoe giant NIKE have come up with something unique – a grip called NBD. Let’s figure out what it is and what it is eaten with.

What is Never Been Done Grip anyway?

Two large manufacturers decided to team up to solve one of the key problems of all skaters – erasing skate shoes.

Every skater knows that with fairly intensive and regular skating, skater slippers live in a skating state for 1-2 months. This applies to all the coolest shoe models with 100500 layers of protection, the best materials and so on. They will still rub off. On the toe, on the all-pede, on the sole – there will definitely be a hole. And year after year, shoe manufacturers solved this problem by strengthening sneakers:

  • developed new innovative materials (take the example of Nike Nyjah sneakers, which use a material that resembles a mixture of rubber and suede);
  • changed the design of the toe of the sneaker (many skate models have long abandoned the stitching on the toe and are made with a molded nose);
  • etc.

In general, they came up with any tricks so that the rolling shoes lived as long as possible. But none of the shoe manufacturers decided to fight the root cause of the high wear and tear of shoes – with SKATE SANDY. Here I would like to recall the life saying: “It is clean where they do not litter.” And here the same thing: “Shoes are not washed when the destructive effects on them become less.” It is on the basis of this postulate that the SEMI-ABRASIVE NBD emery was developed.

What does semi-abrasive mean?

JESSUP and other manufacturers (you will hear about DKL, which never found popularity in Russia) have long developed NON-ABRASIVE emery. This is a kind of molded rubber compound that imitated the grip of the flu, being glued to the deck. But he had and has a lot of shortcomings:

it constantly falls off along the contour of the deck, no matter how you stick it;
when it is even a little covered with dust, the hook on the flips practically disappears;
it can only be effectively skated in new skate shoes.
But with the task of increasing the life of skate shoes, he copes very well.

Jessup and Nike decided to take the best of both worlds of skateboard deck sanding and developed the middle ground, the SEMI-ABRASIVE grip. So what does that mean?

Innovative emery for 33% consists of MANUFACTURING SCRAP – rubber, which is obtained by processing waste from the production of shoes. This is an environmental initiative from NIKE, so that recycled materials can benefit humanity, not harm.

This entire environmental initiative is driven by a project from Nike – NIKEGRIND. You can see all the options for recycled rubber and areas of its use on the official website of the initiative – here. The presentation of the collab with “Jessup” is here.

And of course, the remaining 67% in the composition of the emery is a self-adhesive base and abrasive grain of the JESSUP skin. It is due to this composition that we get the following unique advantages of a skin for a skateboard of this kind:

  • minimizing wear on skate shoes (that’s the ROOT CAUSE!);
  • Fierce hook on new shoes (yes, yes, this emery catches better than usual on new sneakers);
  • an imperceptible difference in skating with ordinary emery, i.e. switching to NBD after a regular skin is as easy as possible;
  • the possibility of easy cleaning with an “eraser”;
  • the usual process of gluing on the deck without wisdom, and so on.

Those. you use all the usual properties of the skin, but with less wear on your sneakers. PROFIT, which is what the giants of the market were trying to achieve.

From the Jessup manufacturer itself, the NBD initiative page (here) lists the following benefits of this flutape:

  • Nike Grind exclusive design (only applicable to Limited Edition models);
  • designed with JESSUP ULTRA abrasive and NIKE manufacturing waste;
  • benefits the environment;
  • easy sticking, tear-free cuts, extreme durability;
  • made in the USA.

Also, this initiative is approved by the Olympic Committee of the United States of America.

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