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It is always interesting to plunge into the history of skate brands. Many do not even know what the story is behind this or that logo. In the case of Skate Mental, which we will talk about today, you can seriously lie down with a story about the formation of the company.

Formation and launch of the company

In 2007, Brad Staba, then already producing T-shirts with his own prints, decided to start making skateboards. But such popular campaigns are not created alone, so his longtime friend Brian Anderson, with whom they once rode Toy Machine, came to the aid of Brad.

Brad and Brian have known each other since 1997, when they embarked on a European tour together from Tum Yeto Distribution. At that time, the Brad Foundation was skating for, and Brian for the Toy Machine. Also on this tour the guys were accompanied by riders: Donny Barley and Josh Beagle.

Today Skate Mental is a company that manufactures a wide range of skateboarding gear and streetwear. All products are made from premium materials and are ready to withstand any treatment – whether it’s hummer skateboarding, or carousing through the streets from night to morning.

It is worth noting that at one time cult personalities of modern skateboarding rode for the brand, so to speak, “Skate Mental” nurtured them. Shane O’Neill can be called such a skater.

Brand assortment

The official website of the company tells us that today the brand has the following product groups in its arsenal:
• decks for skateboards;
• T-shirts;
• long sleeves;
• sweatshirts;
• hats;
• skins;
• bearings;
• exclusive air fresheners).

Current composition of the team Skate Mental brand

Only a company with a humorous start can afford to design a TEAM page on the official website in this way.

The team members were sent messages to the messenger so that they could send their photo for posting on the site in the “Team” section. The screenshots of these correspondence became the very photographs. Comical.

Who ride for Skate Mental:

We have specially left links to Instagram of each rider of the team so that you can evaluate how strong the rider lineup the brand has, albeit without the “star” names.

As a filmography of the brand, you can watch a video in three episodes for Thrasher Magazine – Aunt Tammy.

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