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Why do you need paraffin for a skateboard?

Skateboarding involves various types of tricks, part of which is sliding. And in order for the tracks or deck to slide better over an obstacle, it is necessary to reduce the friction force between these surfaces. Skateboard wax is ideal for this task.

What types of skateboarding are there?

  1. Slides. This is when the rider slides on the deck of the skateboard (boardslide, tailslide, noseslide and other variations)
  2. Grinds. This is when the rider glides on skate tracks (50-50, 5-0, crooked grind and other variations)

No matter what slides are, for grinds you need to make the sliding surface as “slippery” as possible. Skate paraffin is precisely the substance that allows you to minimize the friction force between the skate and the edge, rail or any other figure (note that sometimes asphalt is rubbed with paraffin to make long power slides).

Is there an alternative to skate wax?

When paraffin was not so widespread in Russia (it was generally difficult to buy), all skaters used ordinary candles or soap to rub the edges. But these options have their significant disadvantages:

  • inconvenient form factor. You need to seriously try to find a candle or a piece of soap that will be convenient for smearing the edges;
  • getting everything dirty: from your hands to the soles of your skate shoes and sandpaper. Regular paraffin lays down in a thick layer and will most often remain on your feet if you miss a slip;
  • low efficiency. In comparison with branded paraffin, an ordinary candle can be said to “not work”;
  • fast production. I smeared a couple of edges in the park and that’s it, your candle is already gone.

Well, the only drawback of specialized paraffin is its cost. But here you need to understand. that this is an investment in your comfortable riding process on any spot. Therefore, this minus is easily leveled.

How to apply paraffin to edges and rails?

Everything is simple here – you need to rub all the surfaces of the sliding object that your skateboard comes into contact with when performing the trick. With rails everything is less simple, i.e. there you can rub a pipe or profile on top and that will be enough. After all, rails always glide much better than edges.

The edge must be rubbed in 3 planes:

  1. cover (what’s on top);
  2. sidewall (part of the edge on the side);
  3. the junction of the sidewall and the cover is the so-called edge.

If you rub the edge with paraffin “feng shui”, then all your favorite grinds and slides will work on it.

Which skate paraffin to choose?

Any branded product will be best for your use. In general, branded waxes differ only in the form of the filling, and their composition is identical. Therefore, take the one that you like the most or the one that fits best in your hand.

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