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Low-top sneakers Nike SB model Ishod Wair: impression of the new product and comparison with the “Nijas”

Not long ago, Ishod Wair was awarded the first unique model of skating sneakers from Nike SB. The model turned out to be very interesting and let’s look at it not from the point of view of a sneaker collector, but from the point of view of its functional purpose – from the side of a skater.



You shouldn’t expect anything supernatural in the box. Everything is according to Nike standards and no bonuses were given:

  • Sneakers;
  • … and that’s it.

The second laces were not delivered. The stickers were not delivered. Something like this. There is nothing to crucify here, let’s discuss the sneakers themselves.

Nike SB Ishod Wair Look

At first glance, these shoes look like sneakers, but they are SNEAKERS. The sole is not capsule – it is vulcanized. The silhouette itself is low. The design is interesting but stable enough for a skate shoe.

Sole and insole

As I already wrote, the sole is vulcanized. For those who like to feel the soundboard, this is a godsend. As Aishod said in his interview, these are sneakers that are ready for skateboarding out of the box. It’s true. The sole is not “oaky” at all and will help your feet feel every centimeter of the skateboard deck. In order to protect the foot from shock loads when skating, the sneakers have an insole inserted into them that thickens towards the heel. The heel is really impenetrable, but the safety of the forefoot, in my opinion, is questionable. I’m generally skeptical of all skate shoes with thin soles. It may only be suitable for flat skating, and even then, without flips. One stand on the edge and your leg will “curl up into a tube.” IMHO.

The tread pattern is designed from scratch and is made in the form of waves. The tread itself is small and something tells me that the first thing that will happen on sneakers is the sole, since the rubber is soft, the sole itself is thin, the tread is small – everything leads to the fact that first of all you will get a hole in the sole, rather than rub the top from the flips.

As promised, I’ll draw an analogy with the “Nijas” – they have a thick Free sole, which, like the best anti-shock, absorbs all shock loads. Even so, it gives you a good feel for the skateboard. And most importantly, when you land on the edge, because of the rigid insert in the middle part of the sole, it does not curl. In terms of the sole, my score is in favor of the Nike SB Nyjah 2. But all my conclusions about the durability of the Vaeir sole are only analytical. I didn’t roll them in normally. I am confident in the reliability of the soles from “Nija”, since I have rolled more than 5 pairs of the second version of these sneakers, which are more successful than the first.

Sneaker top: toe and heel

The Nike SB Aishod Weir silhouette is even sportier. Those who complained that “Niji” were too run-football, then these are pure futsals. By the way, I’ll immediately describe one incredible disadvantage of these new sneakers, which I discovered after a long search. The Weirs’ silhouette is so narrow that they actually made a very narrow last. which in general is not suitable for those people who have wide feet, and that’s me. After an hour of walking, my leg in the toe began to be so pinched that I needed a long break to come to my senses. At the same time, the laces were stretched as much as possible and it was the shoe that pressed where the tongue was folded.

The sneakers are made of some fancy suede – a truly skate version. If you’ve been skating in classic skate shoes all your life, then it will be very easy for you to get used to these. The hook catches very well. I can’t say anything about its durability. But according to tests by foreign bloggers, they pass the “100 flips” test quite well.

Let’s compare with Nike Nyjah – the first version was able to be worn on both the toe and the olliped. I have never wiped the second one to holes. I changed it only after I felt that the sole did not grip properly even with new sandpaper.


The laces are protected inside – and that’s already good. But the lacing itself is the same as on regular sneakers. Those. If you have not skated in Nyjah, then it will be difficult for you to understand that Ishod does not hold the leg so tightly.

Ventilation is the main feature of the sneaker

The tongue and side panels are made of regular mesh, but with rubber overlays to give it rigidity and durability. It is due to this that the crosses are really highly ventilated. Again, from the words of Aishod himself – he tried to make sneakers that would not be hot even on the sunniest day. Nike engineers did it.

I would also like to note the tongue in this paragraph. He is puffed up – just like the good old ones. If the deck flies from above. then he will save. Also, for narrow feet it will create good fixation in the last. This is also a definite plus.

Arrangement by colors

Nike has already learned and immediately rolls out a variety of colors with the first release. And that’s not all there is in the picture. Also blue, brown and so on. My black ones are the most boring, but they were the only ones in my size. By the way. The size chart of these sneakers is exactly the same as all SB models – no deviations. Nike Nyjah I take 9.5 US and these 9.5 US fit the length just right!

Final conclusion and is it worth buying them?

I have very mixed impressions about these sneakers. At the moment (and I haven’t skated in them properly yet) I regret spending 9,000 rubles. They are not worth the money. It’s better to take something else. But if you look from the outside. that I took them for a test and that I can tell you about their advantages and disadvantages is not wasted money. I’ll add this material when I test the Aishods in maximum combat conditions, but now the very thought of this thin sole makes me scared. But let’s not guess. Let’s check everything in action.

And of course, at the very end you need to post this masterpiece video – promo Nike SB pro model Isho Wair. The plot and acting are top notch. Skateboarding is very stylish, but by its coolness we know that Aishod can do better.

p.s. The presentation video of the sneaker from Nyjah Huston is simply jaw-dropping meat in terms of the complexity of the tricks!

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