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How to assemble a skateboard in an online parts store?

The main stages of assembling a skateboard

If you decide to assemble a skateboard in parts, then at the time of reading this material you should have the following components in front of you:

  • deck (board);
  • emery (skin, grip tape);
  • suspensions (tracks);
  • screws (bolts);
  • bearings;
  • wheels.

These are the main components. Everything on top is accessories.

1. We glue the sandpaper onto the deck.

Confidently peel the sandpaper off the paper, center it on the deck and start smoothing it with your hands from the middle to the edges to prevent the formation of “bubbles.” Even perforated sandpaper can “bubble” if you do not smooth it from the middle. After this, draw the outline of the deck on sandpaper using any convenient metal object (screwdriver, file, pin, pipe – almost anything will do). And cut the skin off the already drawn contour with a cutter.

2. We make holes for the screws.

On the underside of the deck, along the holes for the bolts, we make holes in the emery so that the bolts can be inserted there. It is better to “make holes” using a thin, sharp object, such as an awl. Then you need to insert screws into these holes.

3. We fasten the tracks.

We attach your pendants to the already inserted screws. ALWAYS make sure that you place the pendants correctly – the central bolts (kingpin) must be turned towards each other in the center of the board. We put nuts on the dressed tracks over the screws and begin to tighten them. Tighten gradually and crosswise. There you can achieve the tightest and most correct fit of the track base to the deck. In terms of tightening force, make sure that the head of the screw on top of the sandpaper is flush – this is enough force on the nut.

4. Insert the bearings into the wheels.

In order not to reinvent the wheel (if you do not have a specialized press at hand), we recommend pressing the bearing into the wheel on the wheel axle from the stops into the hanger. This way you won’t damage the bearing and will do everything as correctly as possible. Press both bearings into the wheel. Don’t forget to install speedrings on both sides of the wheel (new suspensions come with them included). And after that, you can tighten the nut on the wheel so that it can rotate freely and does not dangle too much on the axle.

After completing these simple manipulations, you can assemble a skateboard yourself. During its assembly we needed the following tools:

  • stationery knife (cutter);
  • metal rod (file);
  • awl;
  • skatetool.

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