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How to choose screws/bolts for a skateboard: focus on size

It would seem that buying bolts for a skateboard – what could be simpler? But even when purchasing this stuff, many novice riders make mistakes, not knowing the basic principles of selecting screws for a skateboard.

How do screws differ from each other?

In addition to some subjective characteristics such as manufacturer and color, this equipment has a number of features by which it is necessary to select it for purchase.

Skate Screw Size

In general, there are a huge number of screw sizes (and if you add their variations for a longboard, then you can write this article in vein). But we will analyze exclusively the most popular variations of the size grid of this skate staff and, in general, will give an understanding to newcomers to the world of skateboarding about the main features of choosing screws.

  1. 7/8″ are the screws that riders use if they ride without shockpeds/riserpeds. This is the minimum bolt length, so it does not provide for the installation of stuff to increase the height of the track. But if you try, you can find shockpeds for such screws, but it will be some kind of trash. Such a thin shockped will not perform its function properly, and you will tighten the bolts with it so that they will hold on “on your word of honor.”
  2. 1 inch (inch, in common parlance) are screws for installation with standard shockpeds of small height. But many people take these bolts and install them without shims, because… there were simply no other options at the skateshop. This is the way out, yes. Also, with such a purchase, you will always have the opportunity to install shockpeds and tighten the screws normally.
  3. 1.25 inches are the longest screws for a stunt skateboard. They are designed for installation with high riserpedas. These are the screws you cannot tighten without risers or shockpeds, because… Most products of this kind do not have threads along the entire length of the screw.

Now you should understand what length of skate bolts you need to buy for your kit. Although this skateboard part is not that expensive, buying new bolts due to ignorance of the basic principles of selection is, well, such a thing.

Screw head options

There are 2 standard and 1 non-standard variations of slots on the screw heads:

  • on a Phillips screwdriver (manufacturer’s designation – PHILLIPS). For most riders, this is the best option simply because it is more familiar. But in fact, there is no rationale behind the choice of splines in general. By choosing any one you can ride comfortably. Although there is still one BUT. Cross bolts hold their shape less. If you use the same bolts on several dozen skateboards, then you will not be able to tighten the Phillips bolts normally much earlier than the hex bolts. This is just a feature of the slot. If you change screws from deck to deck, then this problem does not concern you at all.
  • on a hexagon (designation from manufacturers – ALLEN). For such screws, an additional key is always included in the kit – a hexagon socket head (not every home has one, so they put it in the kit). Based on the text above, you can understand that the hex head retains its characteristics longer. And in general, in our experience, tightening and unscrewing such screws is much more convenient. But here it’s worth trying both options and choosing the priority one for yourself.
  • mixed version (designated by manufacturers – COMBI). This is a symbiosis of the ALLEN and PHILLIPS options. It turns out that it is more profitable to take these screws for your skateboard, but most often you simply cannot buy them in a skate shop.

These are the key points when answering the question “How to choose bolts for a skateboard?” After the right purchase, you can safely install the stuff on your skateboard, screw on the tracks and go to conquer the spots.

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