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How to push off on a skateboard or “mongo” is back in fashion

Pushing is the act of pushing the rider’s foot off the ground to make the skateboard move forward. In fact, “pushing” is not just pushing off on a skateboard – it is what shapes the rider’s style. Therefore, to answer the question “How to push off on a skateboard?” It’s definitely simply impossible.

It’s worth noting that pushing can be considered your first skateboard trick. Even such a well-known video magazine as 411VM published a First Step video, where the very beginning of learning to skate is tied to pushing.

There are several standard options for pushing on a skateboard, which we will try to consider in this article.

Types of push-off on a skateboard

Leading foot in front

This is the most common type of push on a skateboard, because it is the most obvious to everyone. It doesn’t matter which foot is your lead (right (goofy) or left (regular)) – just place it forward on the skateboard at an angle that is most comfortable for you, transfer your body weight to your front leg and push off with your trailing leg from the ground. Voila, and you’re off.

Even in such a seemingly standard pushing, you can distinguish different styles for each rider.

Rear Slave Leg or Mongo

If you’ve never tried pushing like this, give it a try, it’s fun. But in reality, most people will not be comfortable with this type of pushing at all. It’s hard to wrap your head around how this could be convenient at all.

But for many skaters, this style of pushing is most convenient when skating in a switch (not in your stance). In switch, many skaters accelerate in mongo (the best example is Stevie Williams). This gives their skating a unique style and charm. But someone will say – ugh. The taste and color, as they say. Watch a video clip with such pushing and check out how stylish it is.

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