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How to choose pendants for a skateboard: FAQ by size

When choosing skateboard suspensions, there are two main factors to consider: your level of skating and the amount you are willing to spend on purchasing the trucks. Obviously, by dropping from several meters, daily crumbling the edges and knocking down the railings, you will kill cheap pendants in a couple of weeks. And then it’s up to you to decide: buy a couple of inexpensive tracks every month or buy the best suspensions in the world from market leaders INDEPENDENT, THUNDER or, for example, THEEVE, and forget about problems with tracks for several years.

The key to choosing skateboard harnesses?

This picture clearly demonstrates how wide the pendants should be in relation to your deck. If the pendants are a little narrower, then this is still tolerable, but if they are wider than your board, then you need to change them urgently.

Inexpensive pendants do not mean bad! For example, budget pendants from the domestic brand FOOTWORK will fully satisfy all the needs of beginners. They will last for many months while a young skater is just learning to skate and flip, without even thinking about attacking the edges with power.

But, of course, as skill increases, so will demands. And you can’t do without reliable, high-quality pendants. Therefore, many of our clients, even for their first skateboard, choose expensive tracks from leading manufacturers, so as not to even think about replacement in the future.

Skate suspension design

Designations according to the diagram:

1 – Kingpin nut (axle bolt nut);

2, 3, 7 – Bushings (bushes – their design differs from manufacturer to manufacturer, but in general they consist of polyurethane shock absorbers and support plates);

4, 5 – Axle nut (wheel nuts);

6 – Axle (upper part of the suspension);

8 – Kingpin (rbyugby or main axle bolt of the suspension);

9 – Baseplate (lower part of the suspension).

The width of the suspension is measured along the wheel axle on the top of the track (Axle). It should correspond to the width of your board (or rather, not be larger and not be much smaller).

In order not to measure the width of the pendants with a centimeter every time, manufacturers have made their own dimensional rulers to compare with the width of the board you are riding. By the way, each manufacturer “dances” in its own way, so there is no clear scale. Here is one of the variations in the gradation of pendants by size for the most popular manufacturers.

Independent Track Size Chart

Krux Charms Size Chart

Tensor Track Size Chart

Large summary table of skate truck sizes from other manufacturers

Correctly selected suspensions are the key to the success of your skating.

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