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How to choose a skateboard based on height and weight

When parents want to buy a skateboard for their child, they immediately puzzle themselves with the rules for choosing the right equipment for purchase. After all, you want to give your child a kit that he can ride without any problems. Skate shop “Square” will help you make this choice using simple examples.

Rules for choosing a skateboard for a child

Remember – if you are buying a good trick skateboard for your child to practice skateboarding, then such products do not have any gradation based on the weight of the rider. The Internet is full of videos where they can cut on boards like children of 4 years old, who weigh 25 kilograms, or obese children who weigh more than one hundredweight. Therefore, the weight characteristic can be immediately discarded. But what about growth? There are certain rules here.

Choosing a skateboard by height

As a child, everyone was taught to choose the right skis (which are chosen primarily based on height). The length of the skis should be equal to the height of the child with his arm outstretched. Overall, this is a very good rule that makes life easier. Unfortunately, when choosing a skateboard, you will not find such a clear strategy, but in general there are some rules for choosing a deck based on its length, which are presented in the table below.

Height, cmAge, yearsDeck length, inchesKit name
Less than 102Less than 527Micro
More than 160More than 1330Full

But you should not take this table as a rule from which you cannot deviate. Some children aged 5-6 years begin to ride Full type kits right away in order to get used to the real size of the skateboard. It is, of course, easier for a child to start on a deck that will be somewhat shorter in length and will at least somehow correlate with his growth.

If I buy a board longer than necessary, is this critical or not?

You can, without any second thought, buy the kit that is in stock or for which your purchase budget is designed. Your child will be able to learn to ride and perform tricks on any skateboard.

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