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The best shoes for skateboarding: TOP 5 skate shoe companies

There are a lot of myths floating around in the skateboarding community about what the best shoes for skateboarding are. How many people, so many opinions. But let’s try to figure out which shoes can be considered truly the best in the TOP brands.

Criteria for choosing quality skateboarding shoes

The best skate shoes should have a number of properties that are important to every skateboarder:

  • strength. Skateboarding shoes constantly deal with sandpaper, which mercilessly shreds them after every ollie and kickflip;
  • hook You can ride in Timberlands, but they will cling to the deck on the flips like summer tires on an icy road. Therefore, the quality of the hook on flips also needs to be taken into account;
  • convenience. Skating sneakers are considered sports shoes and should be as comfortable as possible for your activity: do not squeeze, do not rub, and so on.

These are the “three pillars” on which the choice of the best skating sneakers is based. Of course, each TOP rider will have his own pair, since some are accustomed to “Stefans” and their midsole, while others cannot live without “Kelis” on a large platform. In this article we will try to analyze which modern brands of skate shoes are currently on the hype in the world of skateboarding.

TOP 5 skate shoe companies

Everyone chooses what they are comfortable in, and most importantly, what they can afford to ride in. Therefore, consider this TOP the subjective opinion of the Skver skate shop, which will help you decide on the choice of the best sneakers for skateboarding.

1. Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Puma

These monsters of the sports shoe market can be immediately placed on one shelf. They make cool shoe products for the skateboarding world. All of their TOP models ride very well. Such famous pro riders as Nyjah Huston, Erick Koston, Shane O’Neill and so on ride in their shoes.

The most popular models of skateboarding shoes from these manufacturers:

  • Nike – Nyjah free, stefan janoski and classic team models (hell, even regular Dunks are perfect for skateboarding);
  • Adidas – busenitz, 3st.003, mutchcourt;
  • New Balance – 420, 306, 913;
  • Puma – suede, basket.

2. Vans

This is the skateboarding classic that started it all. Perhaps today the brand is not distinguished by such an innovative approach to the production of shoes, but despite this, a huge number of people ride in “Vens”. You can find Vans skate shoes for skating on the shelves of our skate shop.

3. Etnies, ES

When the big sports brands “broke into the game”, these brands somehow became completely quiet. But later they regained their former confidence in the future and even began to make unique products for their niche. For example, the Etnies Marana skateboarding shoes were released in collaboration with the tire manufacturer Michelin.

4. DC

Of course, now they have become a little oppressed, since their goods can already be bought in such consumer goods stores as Sportmaster. But their redesigns of old collections, when the brand lived in the spirit of skateboarding, are being taken out.

5. Emerica

Andrew Reynolds initially focused on shoes and produced a unique product that is still loved today. “Emerika” has always had a distinctively sharp design, and also performed well in tests for indestructibility. Emeriсa sneakers will become your faithful friend both on the steps and in flat skating in the park.

There are many more brands that make quite good skating shoes, but in our TOP we have collected everything that is well-known and most popular.

p.s. The best sneakers for skateboarding are the ones that are on your feet. But trying something new and not making a mistake with the choice is exactly what this article is about.

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