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Replacing kingpin on skate trucks: FAQ how to do it right and not break anything

Usually, only the kingpin breaks on skate trucks, but this is not certain. At least in our practice, there were a lot of cases of broken pins, but the tracks themselves (base or hanger) break quite rarely during normal skating. But you can break these parts of the track in a very stupid way – when you install a new kingpin (photo of the breakdown in the article).

Therefore, in this material we want to teach many people how to correctly install the kingpin, which needs to be driven into the suspensions (and now most of the tracks on the market are exactly like this).

Initial data for solving the problem of setting a pin

So, we have a base from Krux pendants (the most common) and Kingpin from Independent for experiments. Don’t worry, the vast majority of suspension parts from different manufacturers are compatible with each other.

But for example, you need to choose the kingpin length correctly. If you put a pin from STANDART on LOW height pendants, it will stick out and interfere with grinding.

Below are some photos that you can sign: DO NOT REPEAT! LEARN FROM OTHERS’ MISTAKES!

And now a close-up photo of what can happen to the track base if you hit the pin incorrectly. And he didn’t score the pin, and he broke the base. Let’s learn how to change the kingpin on suspensions correctly (after all, you don’t want to break your base and buy new tracks?).

How to CORRECTLY change kingpin on skate suspensions?

To do this you will need a certain tool. An approximate set of what is needed:

  • small vices that are slightly larger than pendants;
  • a chisel (but better than some kind of pin, piece of reinforcement or some other metal pin, which is slightly smaller than the diameter of the kingpin, and has a flat surface on which you will hit the pin);
  • hammer;
  • your hands.

Where to begin?

Most likely you will have to initially knock out the old part of the broken kingpin from the base. This can be done without a vice, because… the length of this tip is approximately equal to the height of the recess in the base for the pin. Place the base on a flat part, try on the metal pin exactly in the hole where the broken pin is visible, and hit the pin with good force. Hold the base so that it does not jump, and the pin itself so as not to hit the base itself with it.

Entering the pin into the database

Here you cannot do without a vice or some kind of device in which you can adequately clamp the base. The vice is a must-have.

We clamp the inverted base, but not too much. The force should be such that the base does not slide in the vice. You insert the pin with the correct side into the hole under it and push it with your hands until it reaches the notches on the tip. It is worth noting that the base must be clamped so that the pin can freely come out of the hole.

A little life hack – try to immediately align the notches of the pin with the grooves in the base so that it fits into it like clockwork. This is very easy to do before you start hitting it.

Next, we take our pin, place it on the kingpin head and begin to methodically hit at an angle. Don’t hit vertically – the load goes in the wrong direction and you can split the base. Also, hit accurately, otherwise you will either break your fingers or break the base. You need to hit the pin with enough force so that the kingpin enters the baseplate. You can feel it both by the smoothness of the blow and by the way the pin comes out from the other side of the base.

The important point is to finish the central bolt all the way. Even if you had LOW tracks and you decided not to finish the standard pin, they say it won’t stick out like that because of the hanger, then leave this idea. An unfinished pin will break in a couple of rollers, since the load will be distributed incorrectly over it.

It’s easy to check whether you’ve completed the striking actions – just shine a flashlight inside the base, and there shouldn’t be a gap there. If it’s not there, the mission is complete! Put on the bushings and hanger in the correct order and tighten the track. Kingpin replacement is complete.

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