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The skateboard is moving to the side: what to do?

An assembled skateboard is a sports equipment that requires its own customization for each rider. The most common problem that riders of any level face is the skateboard going one way when it should be going straight. Let’s look into the reasons for this bug on your board.

Why does the skateboard go to the side?

The key problem lies in the tracks. It is because of the incorrect operation of the suspensions that the board tilts to the right or left. It is worth noting that this problem has 2 degrees of lousiness:

  • the skateboard only tilts to one side when you push it forward without a rider;
  • the skateboard strives to go in the same direction as the rider.

The ways to solve problems are the same, let’s figure it out.

Most often, this situation arises due to the fact that your suspensions are tightly clamped, and the bushings (shock absorbers on the Kingpin) are already fairly deformed and have a clear slope in one direction. In such a situation, you can unwind the suspension and turn the bushings so as to level the bevel in one direction, i.e. try to place them so that there is no such tilt when twisting. If you have the means, then it’s better to buy new bushings and put them on your tracks. This option will definitely save you from the problem of a skateboard going in one direction.

This problem is typical for Chinese skateboards, as they have poor quality bushings. On new branded Tensor, Theve or Krux suspensions, you will not encounter such a problem at the start of riding, only if it appears over time (but this is not certain!).

The problem of “taxiing” in missile defense

It is worth noting that a defect in the skate’s handling when riding in one direction can also occur on fully working suspensions. This is because the shock absorbers do not take their original shape as quickly as we would like. Therefore, if you seriously lay the board on the ground, the bushings will wash out and will not immediately return to their original position. Therefore, the board may not bend for long. Also, the track hanger is movable and can move slightly on the kingpin axis due to the tightening of the bushings and the pivot. Therefore, at contests, many missile defense specialists constantly level their suspensions with kicks (for example, Nyjah Huston often does this).

To make your skateboarding enjoyable, you should always monitor how your trucks steer. If the suspensions are mowed, then this needs to be corrected. With normal steering, doing tricks is much easier.

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