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There are a huge variety of brands in the skateboarding equipment market. But only a small part of them work exclusively on one group of goods, in the production of which they are constantly improving. RictaWheels are those guys who, from the moment of their foundation (and this is not a joke in 2002) to this day, specialize in the production of skateboard wheels. This is a core business of Ricta, in which the company has excelled significantly.

The Ricta Wheels brand belongs to the American skate staff distributor NHS, Inc. The manufacturer pleases skaters every year with its innovative approach to creating wheels. If you don’t know which wheels to take for a park, street, ramp or any other riding style, then Ricta’s assortment will surely have that combat unit that you won’t be disappointed with. You can find the entire range of Ricta wheels on the site of the Bordak Internet skate shop here.

Ricta wheel range overview

Today, according to the official website rictawheels.com, the manufacturer has 5 different lines of skate wheels:

  • Rapido;
  • Clouds;
  • Chrome Cores;
  • Whirl Winds;
  • Sparx.

Each collection has its own distinctive features and uses different technologies. But any set from “Ricta” is a real 100% quality – no “flat spots”, core pulling out and bursting, only the pleasure of skateboarding.

Rapido Series

This is the coolest series in the manufacturer’s lineup. These wheels are equipped with all innovative technologies and will allow you to maximize your skateboarding experience. Among the features of Ricta Rapido are:

  • Smooth rotation speed. These wheels have found a balance between the maximum speed that the wheel can deliver and the smoothness of its rotation on the axle. Due to this, the wheels of the Rapido series rotate as smoothly as possible, which eliminates the appearance of plugs when driving on a flat surface;
  • Double strength. The wheels use an improved polyurethane formula, which virtually eliminates wheel squaring due to unsuccessful power slides or edge slides;
  • Improved slip control. Due to the unique shape, the wheels catch crooked and smiths on rails, and you just have to get off the grind at the right time.

Also, the Rapido series differs from the others in that inside it there is a division according to the type of wheel shapes: Slim, Wide, Round. Each of them also has its own size range and specific qualities for a particular riding style. In the official NHS online store, these wheels are divided into separate categories by shape, so their features cannot be lumped together.

All review Ricta Rapido read here.

Shape Slim has a more refined profile, which can be seen from the width of the wheels in the picture. This leads to another advantage – they are the lightest.

The Wide shape has an increased ground contact area so it provides more control over speed. The tapered inner edge of the wheel improves your lock in on rail grinds.

Shape Round found a balance between the previous two. The best wheels to try the Rapido series and adjust the shape of the future wheels based on the experience of riding the Round.

Ricta Clouds

It is not for nothing that this series received such a name – “Clouds”. In this range, all wheels have a low stiffness: from 92A to 78A. This explains their purpose – this series of wheels will be the best option for lazy skateboarding on poorly surfaced streets or for the boards of skate operators. The minimum stiffness in combination with the large diameter makes it possible to ignore the poor road surface on spots or when simply driving around the city. Otherwise, this series no longer has any “buns” from the manufacturer.

Chrome Cores

The series with a “chrome” heart is the most pretentious, if I may say so about the skate staff. The main distinguishing feature of this series is that they have a core. The wheel is divided into 2 parts;

  • Plastic core;
  • NRG urethane outer sheath.

This design made the wheels lighter and more durable. Riding them will be cool, both in the skatepark and in the toughest street.

Whirl winds

Again, the name of the series reveals its key feature – “tornado”, whirlwind “, this is the technique in which the colors of the wheels of the series are made. The unusual colors beckon to buy these particular wheels.

Other features of Whirl Winds include:

  • The presence of a wider contact patch of the wheel with the surface, which increases your control over the skateboard;
  • The presence of a flat edge of the wheel, which has proved its advantages in keeping sliding on rails.


These are the simplest Ricta wheels at the moment. Classic park shape and no deviations from the canonical skateboard wheels in terms of stiffness or diameter.

“Sparks” are also made with good protection against “squaring”, and also have the largest range of colors, diameters and stiffness. If you haven’t found a suitable option among other series, then Sparx will help you out.

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