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Skate tricks: the easiest skate tricks for beginners

Any boy or girl who decides to start learning how to skateboard wants to immediately learn how to do some tricks on it. After all, just riding is not always interesting. But a skateboard is such a complex thing that you won’t be able to learn how to do tricks with half a kick. Even the simplest elements require preparation.

List of the first easiest tricks on a skateboard

1. U-turns

Many will think where is Ollie on this list? But it will be the last, since this is the most complex element of the simple ones. We also take into account that you already know how to ride a skateboard and have no difficulty pushing.

There are 4 turns on a skateboard that you will eventually have to learn. Each of them can be done both frontside (facing forward) and backside (facing backwards). They are executed from the regular/goofi, switch, fake, nolle racks. Learn to accurately perform 180 turns from all stances and then the full-fledged world of skateboard surfing will open before you. After studying them, you will feel much more confident on the board.

2. Tik-tak

This element is somewhat similar to a reversal, but is done somewhat sharper and in both directions at once. Tick-tock is a kind of windshield wiper operation on a car. To perform it, you must make small (up to 45 degrees) turns of the board from your stance, thereby gaining speed or avoiding obstacles.

After learning this trick, you can go to the skatepark to conquer radius and inclined accelerations.

3. Exits in radii and on inclined ramps

When you arrive at the skatepark, you can immediately see an abundance of all kinds of slides. Throwing yourself at them right away is dangerous and will result in a serious fall, so approach the process of learning this trick wisely. First, you need to select the smallest obstacles and try to drive up and down them at low speed. It is better not to start straight away from the ramps, since your body is not yet accustomed to maintaining balance on the descent.

After practicing the entrances, you can try to move out, and also increase the acceleration height. But don’t climb the steep quarterpipes. Even professionals cannot always cope with such complexity of radii.

4. Hippie jump

This is the part of the ollie where you jump over the board and it rolls along the ground behind you. This trick is done over some pipes or any other obstacles that a skateboard can pass under, and you can jump up.

This element will teach you to land confidently on a rolling board and feel confident in front of any obstacles.

5. Ollie

This is a great stumbling block for anyone who wants to progress further in skateboarding. There is no point in writing a text tutorial for this trick, since there are a lot of videos on YouTube where you can find training for this trick.

We hasten to note that this element should be learned to be performed immediately on the move, i.e. in move. This way you will save a lot of time on further retraining.

6. Kick flip or flip kick

This is the second trick you can start learning to do after Ollie. It is also better to teach it using videos, but if you have some kind of glitch and you cannot complete it to the end, then just ask more experienced riders at the skatepark to give you a hint and they will immediately point out your mistakes.

7. Pop-showe it

This element can be divided into two varieties: street, this is when the board scrolls 180 degrees in the horizontal plane without a click, and “with a click,” when the element is performed according to all the canons of the genre. It’s easy to learn street pop stitch, since you only need to sharply twist the board under you, and you’ll have to work hard on the snap version.

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