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Skateboard pendant sizes: how to choose the right width

At first glance, choosing skateboard components seems like something very simple. This is not a car, so there should be some technical characteristics, size matching, and so on – no, this is not about skateboarding.

But in reality, everything is not as easy as it seems. Let’s talk about choosing the width of pendants for your skate deck.


Aspects of choosing the width of pendants

In general, the choice of suspension width for park and street skating depends only on the width of the deck. which you ride. The main rule: the pendants should not be any wider than your deck and should not be much narrower.

If you make a choice based on this rule, then it will be difficult for you to make a mistake in choosing the width. But you may find that each manufacturer labels the width differently. The Independent has three-digit numbers in the style of 144, and the Krux has an inch – 5.25, and so on. Above is just a table for the most popular brands of pendants, which gives the concept of whether the size of pendants of a particular brand corresponds to the width of the board. If you don’t find the brand you need in it, then type into Google the query: “brand” truck size, and look for the manufacturer’s specifications using the pictures.

What if I ride at different widths?

It is difficult to find non-professional skaters who constantly skate on the same width of skateboards. Here the choice becomes a little more complicated, but also quite obvious. Choose suspensions that match the maximum possible width of the board you ride. If you definitely don’t take boards larger than 8.25, and for example you can ride 8.125 from time to time, then you should buy suspensions no wider than 5.25, because if you buy wider ones, then even at 8.25 they will stick out from under the board in width. This is absolutely not worth doing. When the pendants are narrower, it’s okay – it’s not as critical as when they are wider than the deck.

What’s the best way to do it?

If you buy suspensions at a local skate shop, then come immediately with a board and then you or the seller can immediately estimate the width of the skate tracks on the board and make the right choice. When buying online, things are a little more complicated, but you can still look for official sizing charts from manufacturers and trust them.

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