What is MOB Grip skate brand?

Ask any skater, no matter a beginner or a longtime skater, What brands of skateboard emery do you know? and MOB Griptape at 99.9% will be the TOP-1 of respondents’ answers. Therefore, we decided to immerse you in the world of this manufacturer’s products for you and tell everything that we can know about MOB.

Who are MOB?

The company operates under the NHS distribution. In this holding, she coexists with brands such as Santa Cruz Skateboards, Creature Skateboards, Independent Truck Company, Bronson Speed Co., Krux Trucks, Ricta Wheels, OJ Wheels, Road Rider, Slimeballs, Bullet and Nor Cal Clothing Co.

The official website of the brand is https://mobgrip.com/. In Google search results, the company is highlighted with the following slogan – The Grippiest Grip Tape In Skateboarding. And this is absolutely true.

Benefits of MOB griptape

Not every modern skater knows that MOB is a company that was one of the first to make skate skin an exclusive specialization. That is why they were able to succeed in producing it. But what can the “mob” grip boast of?

  1. Presence of perforation. Yes, yes, today not every skate skin has perforations (the presence of small holes in the substrate through which you can expel excess air). Some manufacturers do not do this at the expense of reducing the cost of production, for some variants of emery (with a special substrate), perforation cannot be done in principle. What does the fact of the presence of perforation mean for an ordinary skater? Yes, the fact that sticking “bubble-free” emery is as easy as shelling pears and any novice rider can handle it. Nobody wants to look for bubbles with a needle, pierce them and expel air before riding a new board.
  2. Sturdy base. Emery, in general, can be considered another layer of maple veneer on a skateboard deck. It gives strength to the deck and sometimes helps to haul away tricks when the skate breaks on landing. In MOB emery, the adhesive base is strong enough to tear, adheres perfectly to the deck in suitable temperature conditions and holds the abrasive for a long time.
    Let’s make a small remark about the temperature regime. If you want to glue the emery in a damp or cold place, when the surfaces to be glued (deck and grip tape) will not have the right temperature characteristics for this, then the skin will not fit very well. It will come off in pieces when riding, peel off the nose and tail – riding on such a staff will be hopelessly ruined. Therefore, glue the emery in a dry place at room temperature and you will be happy.
  3. Good abrasive grain. Note that the very quality of the abrasive material is at a height, because emery has a long-term property of not rubbing off under the constant “scratching” of the rider’s feet on the deck. Also, the “catchy” material is glued into the base and does not crumble, as is the case on the cheapest no-name skins from China.
    It is also worth mentioning the grain size – it is optimal. Not small or large, just right for your best landings.

In fact, this should not be an advantage, but the reference characteristics of the quality of the product. Those. in an ideal world, if emery did not meet these characteristics, then it would have no place in the market. But our realities are such that everyone does what he wants and does. And MOB does it as cool as possible, that’s why we write about it.

By the way, MOB positions itself as the # 1 emery in the choice of PRO riders. If the product is chosen by professionals, then it is the best on the market.

Colored, transparent emery: why are they adequate in MOB?

Today the realities of the skate market are such that, in principle, no one is interested in the standard black, so to speak blank, emery. Give everyone a schedule. “MOB” has long adjusted to this market and produces the following types of skins by design:

  • monotone black;
  • monotonous colored (this is when the entire cloth of the skin is painted in one color);
  • with minimalistic graphics (this is when a logo or some small drawing flaunts on the skin);
  • with large patterns (this is when the entire base of emery can be considered black, but most of it is occupied by a large colored pattern);
  • with the image of an ornament (this is when emery has some kind of background image);
  • with a full-fledged drawing (this is when full-fledged graphics are printed on the skin);
  • options with extruded stencils (this is when a piece for extrusion has already been cut into the emery by a laser. In the place of the extruded pattern, the color of the top layer of your deck flaunts);
  • completely transparent emery.

Any color variation of the skin from “MOB” is made according to the correct technology – both the grain is painted and the substrate from which the skin does not lose its catching properties. There are still manufacturers in the industry who print designs over abrasives. Such patterned skins do not have adequate grip when rolling.

Variants of griptapes in collaboration with other brands

Since it comes to that, that skins with drawings are in great demand today, the guys from MOB decided to launch collaborations on emery with not only skate brands, but also other well-known companies and even personalities in their line.

You can probably list all the options for collaboration endlessly. Therefore, we will highlight some examples for your reference:

  • Thrasher – With the iconic skate magazine, the brand designs every collection. Variants of application and design of the logo are simply “sea”.
  • Santa Cruz and other brands with the NHS. Well, to do collab with brands from their own distribution is a normal story.
  • Franky Villani – a fancy emery? How do you like it? Of course, the brand’s collection includes pictures for other riders as well.
  • SAMBORGHINI – Popular street artists often make graphics for MOB.
  • Slayer – Iconic music bands have also won emery collaborations.

Unreleased model M-80

In the line of the company there was such an interesting emery codenamed M-80. The company itself has presented this sandpaper as the best option for technical skateboarding when you need a fierce grip on the sole and a quick “release” of the foot when you flip. The technology was developed by the company for a long time, but it did not find approval in the market, therefore it is not in the current product line of the brand.

A small video review from Sewa Kroetkov on this type of emery. Informative.

Brand team

An insane number of riders ride under the MOB wing. According to information from the official website, at the moment these are:

  • Alex Sorgente
  • Alex Willms
  • Alexis Sablone
  • Anthony Van Engelen
  • Brad Cromer
  • Brighton Zeuner
  • Carlisle Aikens
  • Carlos Riberio
  • Chris Gregson
  • Clay Kreiner
  • Clive Dixon
  • Collin Provost
  • Collin Provost
  • Daewon Song
  • David Gravette
  • Dylan Jaeb
  • Dylan Williams
  • Eric Dressen
  • Erick Winkowski
  • Fabiana Delfino
  • Felipe Nunes
  • Franky Villani
  • Geoff Rowley
  • Giovanni Vianna
  • Griffin Gass
  • Hjalte Halberg
  • Ivan Federico
  • Jackson Pilz
  • Jahmir Brown
  • Jereme Knibbs
  • Jimmy Wilkins
  • John Shanahan
  • Keegan Palmer
  • Leo Baker
  • Louie Barletta
  • Mason Silva
  • Maurio McCoy
  • Miles Silvas
  • Milton Martinez
  • Minna Stess
  • Na-Kel Smith
  • Nate Greenwood
  • Nicole Hause
  • Nora Vasconcellos
  • Pedro Barros
  • Rayssa Leal
  • Roman Pabich
  • Ryan Townley
  • Samarria Brevard
  • Sebo Walker
  • Simon Bannerot
  • Tanner Van Vark
  • Tate Carew
  • Tom Asta
  • Vincent Milou
  • Willis Kimbel
  • Zachary Kovacs

Interesting accessories

MOB can afford to produce accessories that no ordinary skater will most likely buy, but they will be in the product line:

  • file. Perhaps only beginners use a file to outline the outline of the board when trimming emery. Seasoned riders use any available items. The top skill is to do this stroke with a track.
  • video clip. This is a device for smoothing the skin and expelling air bubbles from under it (yes, yes, remember the advantage of perforation). All riders simply smooth the emery with their hands. If you need to “povazyukat” on it, then a layer of paper, which you peeled off from the adhesive base, is simply superimposed, and the process of air expelling is done through it.
  • awl. How to make holes for screws? So much for your tool. Although the screws themselves make these holes beautifully.

And of course, this material needs to be completed with How To, a guide for gluing emery from the brand itself.

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