Pizza Skateboards: what is the brand of skateboarding

Do you want a fresh pizza? And we have already brought everything! A new collection of clothing and equipment for skateboarding from the well-known brand Pizza Skateboards has been released. In this article, we want to open the veil of secrecy over this brand, which is not yet familiar to an inexperienced skater from Russia.

Who are Pizza Skateboards and what are they eaten with?

It is a small brand based in Sacramento, California. Created, works and promoted by the hands of skaters, so to speak “From riders – for riders”. Michael Pulizzi can be considered the founding father of the brand. He conceived Pizza Skateboards with his team of skateboarding riders. No tailcoats and heels! A joke, of course.

The ideology of the company is to create staff for skaters and casual wear, which:

  • have often humorous graphics;
  • mimic big brands (trolling PUMA, BRAZERS, PIRELLI and others);
  • satirically refer to celebrities of any level and field of activity;
  • often contain some kind of allegory with slices of pizza.

Pizza is life! We’re not kidding! What could be better than crispy dough, fresh tomato sauce and cream cheese? Now you understand the guys from PIZZA. As a skate-owned brand, it is not just another small, hyped and fashion brand from the US. On the brand’s YouTube channel, the first commercial video (advertisement) dates back to 2014. Therefore, the guys have been in the system for a very long time!

The guys draw inspiration for their collections from 90s skateboarding. Therefore, their graphics, style and, in general, the idea of ​​creation will be very popular with those who yearn for these times.

On the YouTube channel Trasher Magazine and in the magazine, respectively, the first mention of the brand dates back to 2015. Check out this fierce Left Overs video from San Francisco and other pizza makers.

Note that all skate stuff is made in Mexico at the PS Stix plant. This goes to show that PIZZA Skateboards are amazing quality and made for your best skateboarding experience!

For updates in the brand, the release of new short films and other information on “delivery”, you can follow in the official accounts of the brand:

Brand faces: who rides for PIZZA

The official brand website gives us the following information on the composition of the rider team:

  • Ducky Kovacs
  • Vincent Milou
  • Jesse Vieira
  • Raul Valencia
  • James Gaehner
  • Rahim Robinson
  • David Oakley
  • Branson Howard
  • Marcus Attwood Jr.

Of the total number of riders, most likely only Vincent Milou, who recently hyped at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, can boast of fame on the world stage. By the way, Vincent Milou visited Russia not so long ago. In 2019, Vincent became the winner of the European Skateboarding Championship stage, which was held in Nizhny Novgorod.

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