How to choose a griptape for a skateboard

When you first thought about buying a skateboard, you were surprised to accept the fact that decks are sold without emery. It is bought separately and glued according to a certain technology. Your parents were even more shocked when you told them this secret: “What else, you need to pay 500 rubles (and sometimes much more) for coverage on your skate? You will ruin us! ” If after this the desire to learn the world of skateboarding has not disappeared, then the question arises before you is choosing the very skin (not your girlfriend who “sucks” money from you for a shavuha, but a catchy cover for a skateboard). We will expand all the difficulties and nuances of choice for you in this article.

The story of the emery on skateboards

In fact, the first skaters did not know at all what an emery coating for a board is. They rode barefoot on a “bare” board and did not know grief. Also, being primarily surfers, they tried to use life hacks of their water element here:

  • used special aerosol glue, which they used on a surf;
  • dripped wax on the board to create certain bumps and make the coating more catchy;
  • filled the board with resin and rolled sand there (this was the first prototype of modern influenza).

After that, the “home-made” began to do influenza in its modern sense, but on a paper backing (the Chinese are still doing this to make production as cheap as possible). In case of moisture, such a coating just peeled off the board. And after a year, manufacturers came to use a special substrate for the long-term preservation of the skin on your board.


In the staff skateboard market, a huge number of brands produce skins. We are not afraid to say that your sidekick is dragging around with Aliexpress “Professional skateboard gloves adhesive tapes Non-slip skateboard sandpaper 84 * 23 cm fish board longboard skateboard grip adhesive tapes rough”, sculpts your label there and pushes it to “chicaras” in tridorogo. Business level 89, but the article is not about that.

Among the most famous manufacturers of skins can be identified:

These are two giants of this scene. These are the brands whose main skateproduct is the skin. There is no doubt about the quality of their goods.

Now all skateboard manufacturers (well, almost all) let in emery under their own brand. This is a great opportunity to increase the average check for buying a skateboard, because skateboarding is a good business.

Conclusion: today, almost no matter what manufacturer you buy the skin. They are all + – the same. Be guided by price and graphics, if it matters to you.


The minimum price of emery in any local skate shop or any major online store is 350 rubles. Today, the reality is that for this price you can afford the goods from Union or Footwork, but not of any foreign brand. Emery from Mob will cost your wallet or your parents wallet at least 500 rubles (and this is without any Trasher inscriptions, etc.).

Conclusion: if you understand the principle “if there is no difference, then why pay more”, then buy the cheapest emery and be satisfied (does not apply to any under-skins with Aliexpress).


Previously, manufacturers were wary of making emery with drawings. Now in the collection of each brand there is some kind of color option. To buy with or without a pattern is everyone’s subjective choice. But there are a few reservations. For example, in the first versions of the emery cover with drawings from Footwork, the drawing was applied on top, which minimized adhesion in its area. A good drawing is done on the substrate and does not affect the tenacity of the skin.

Also, many buy the usual blank emery and paint it themselves. Griptape art is very widespread and on the net you can find whole works of art made in the skin. Draw wisely and do not fill the entire emery with paint from a spray can and then be surprised that it does not catch at all.

Conclusion: with or without a drawing – your personal choice.


Today it is difficult to find a skin that will be made without perforation. A perforated substrate is needed so that you stick emery without bubbles with your trembling hands. It is very, very difficult to do this without perforation.

Conclusion: do not think about the presence of this factor. Obviously the RIPNDIP skin you want to buy has perforation.

If you decide to buy a skin in order to ride, then take the cheapest in a skate shop and do not worry. If you need emery in order to stand out from other skaters, then buy “beautiful”, but when you see the price for it, you’ll think 1000 times.

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