SOUR solution skateboards: brand history

Sour Solution is a large European company that produces skateboard decks. various clothes and accessories. Sour was originally part of the Swedish clothing brand Sweet Skateboards. But the team of brand riders did not share the views of Sweet promotion. They decided to get out of this story and created their own – Sour. The new name was the exact opposite of Sweet Skateboards.

Today, Sour produces decks that are made in Europe, as well as a large line of clothing. The head office of the company, if you can call it that, is based in Barcelona. A company from Mecca European skateboarding a priori must make a product that will be loved by riders across the planet.

This was an introduction to the brand, so that you understand what remains to be read further. If the beginning of the history of the European skate brand seemed interesting to you, then feel free to read on. Squat recommends.

From the origins

You already realized that Sour is “sour” Sweet, but to understand why the riders decided to do something their own, you need to immerse yourself at the start of Sweet Skateboards.

Sweet was created by Thomas Löfgren from Trollhattan, Sweden in 1999. Under her wing, she gathered a fairly strong team of European riders at that time, who until 2006 simply gave free boards for their own advertising in the local area.

Further Sweet, like any other good business, began to grow larger. Moneybags-investors got into the business, talk of selling a part of the company and other economic delays affected Sweet. Erik J Pettersson (EJP) at that time very clearly formulated the idea that the company was divided into people doing business and people who are passionate about skateboarding:

«What they were doing was Sweet and what we did was sour.»

EJP, Björn Holmenäs and other team riders were against investors. Inside the party, there was talk of eventually creating something of their own. For many riders of the large Sweet company, the step to create their own brand was a “step into the abyss.” The guys did not have some kind of financial pillow. Many riders were on the verge of survival in skateboarding, having some stocks of shoes of another staff, so that they could continue their studies with their favorite thing – skateboarding.

Further, the Sour team began to grow in young riders. Truly “naughty” with the guys from Sk8mafia, who went to visit the United States to shoot a video. Everything went smoothly, and now you can see another interesting European brand.

Current Sour Team

On the official website of the company there is no information about the composition of the riders, so we will trust the Instagram account of the company, which lists the following characters:

  • Vincent Huhta;
  • Josef Scott Jatta;
  • EJP;
  • Spängs;
  • Nisse;
  • Marre;
  • Abbe Nyberg;
  • Koffe;
  • Barney Page;
  • Gustav Tønnesen;
  • Simon Isaksson;
  • Oscar Candon;
  • Snape.

Filmography Sour

THE SOUR SOLUTION (2015) – The first feature film from Sour.

SUCKNESS (2015) – The video was released a couple of months after the premiere of THE SOUR SOLUTION, which surprised the skate community as much as possible.

SOUR PROMO (2016) – Captured by Gustav Tonnesen on a VX camera in the vicinity of Barcelona.

BURN THE BORDERS (2016) – A combination of Sour and Sk8mafia.

THE SOUR SOLUTION II (2019) – Yes, this is the video from which the first straight Loop from Simon Isaksson circled the entire skate community. This video also received the status of the best version of the magazine Transworld Skateboarding in 2019.

You can learn more about the brand’s filmography on their YouTube channel.

I would also like to note that on the YouTube channel of the famous world skateboarding magazine Transworld Skateboarding there is a whole series of short videos, the so-called episodes, called Sour Files. The last 16th episode titled The Final Episode was released 2 months ago.

Deck Sour

On the shelves of the Squat online store you can find a fresh spring collection of Sour dec. Interesting graphics, a variety of sizes and concave – all this is in the Sour model line.

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